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04-21-2013, 08:07 AM
Hello all,

I've recently started a new career called Retired and am going on a 2500 mile trip to Charlotte NC from Calgary leaving at the beginning of May. We're meeting up with friends from California there for some NASCAR.

Because Nadine is still working we don't have a lot of time to get there so we'll be doing almost the whole drive on Interstates to Charlotte. I planned the trip through Garmin Base Camp where we'll be crossing the border at North Portal ND to Minot, then east to Grand Forks, south on I29 to Fargo ND, SE on I94 through Minneapolis MN then south on I35 to 18 then cutting down diagonally through Cedar Rapids IA ending up on eastbound I80 to I74 missing Chicago altogether.

We continue on I74 through Indianapolis and then south on I65 through Louisville and east through Lexington KY. South on I75 through Knoxville TN to wind around the Great Smoky Mountains Park into NC.

If I may... I'd like to ask to tap into some of your experiences along this route. Should I be missing any or all of the large cites? I plan on hitting Metro Minneapolis on a Saturday for that reason.

One concern is that Manitoba and Fargo ND is planning on some major flooding along the Red River at the end of April or beginning of May so I'll be keeping an eye on that and may have to plan around it. Any ideas on a way around if needed would help me out.

Would you do this any different keeping in mind extra time is not on our side so we need to keep on the major highways as much as possible. If bypassing a major city would be better I'm all ears.

Of course I'd rather do this trip over several months but we don't have that option right now....

Thanks for your time....

04-21-2013, 09:07 AM
You may want to take I75 to I40 near Knoxville and go through Ashville, NC to I77 to Charlotte, NC.. This would be shorter than going south of the Smoky Mts.

Just a suggestion.