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Bob Pasternak
06-08-2004, 02:24 PM
In the short time that I've been reading the threads posted on here, some pertain to the ride qualities of different trucks. After over 40 years over the road and having seen seats go from shavings filled benches fastened to 30 gallon gas tanks to rather elaborate and really good seats, I decided to do a little check on them for pick-ups. I'm not sure if anybody is interested but I've put a URL on here that will take you to a site for better seating.
Bostrom and National Seating are the two main manufacturers for large truck seats, and National is the only one I found that makes them for PU's.
It may also be of interest to owners of SWB 4X4 owners since they generally ride hard. Keep in mind that if you do communicate with people about them, be sure and specify an 'isolator'. Otherwise you're still going to get the 'backslap' from the bucking. Also one might be able to buy an isolator and adapt it to your existing seat. I doubt you will find any of the seats at any car or pick up dealers; You'll need to go to a 'large truck' (Freightliner, Sterling, Mack, Kenworth, Navistar or Peterbilt) dealer to actually see and check the basic seat out.
They don't seem to make them for Dodges. Must be because Dodges ride so good, they'd not recoup the cost of manufacture. :-) http://www.buytruckstuff.com/product.asp?selcategory=16&p_gpID=168

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