View Full Version : Axle/frame air bags vs. Kelderman air ride?

05-27-2004, 04:24 PM
Hey folks. Currently we own a 2001 GMC 2500HD Duramax short bed crew cab. We want to upgrade our current 5er to the 3295. I know there are others who have this setup and think I'll be ok. While perhaps not as ideal as going with a 1 ton dually, this is my daily commute and I like the 3/4.

That said, I think I should install an air ride to eliminate possible sag, redistribute the weight across the axles, etc.. Here's the issue though - all of the cheaper air bags (and I'm not implying less quality, just price) install air bags between the axles and the frame. I like this as it is guaranteed to firm up the load and take pressure off of the springs.

However, the more expensive Kelderman Air Ride (http://www.keldermanmfg.com/airride.htm) replace your bumper hitch (class 3) with 2 firestone air bags and provide a NEW mount for the spring shackles. It is different in that it's almost like a 2 stage spring, where the air bag works together with the spring. The difference here though, is that the srings will still likely compress as much under the load.

So, does anyone have any comments on the benefits of either? Seems like a price difference of around $450 vs. $1500. Thoughts? All would be welcome.


2001 GMC 2500HD SB CC Dw/A
99 Fleetwood Wilderness GL 27.5 5er