View Full Version : Home again, Yuck!

11-08-2011, 07:08 PM
Left the mountains behind Dalton, GA this morning. They were expecting a 72 degree day[8D]. Got home to central KS just now after driving 30 miles in a full blizzard:(. Can't wait to retire, go full time and be way south right now:D

11-09-2011, 03:32 AM
Just got home from Dillard,GA myself. I sure wanted to stay there. Like you I can hardly wait for retirement so I can do what and when I want to.

11-09-2011, 05:17 AM
Good luck you two, it is great being retired, but its a double edged sword also. It means your wishing your life away trying to get to that age. But then again, I know people that say they don't care they want to get on the road. I understand that too.

Good Luck

11-09-2011, 05:27 AM
Dick, just keep piling that Gold up, when you retire with no more $$ coming in, you will need it. That is one of the downsides, but it's great if your health is good and you don't run out of cash... :)

11-09-2011, 06:28 AM
Sorry Guys, here at Mickey Land, high 70's and bright sun. Retired life is great.

11-09-2011, 09:15 AM
[/quote]Sorry Michelle. I didn't mean to repeat your reply.
My reply is the years go quickly afer you retire. Enjoy your time while you can.

11-17-2011, 02:30 PM
I talked to guy in Alaska yesterday, -25F.

11-17-2011, 02:44 PM
That's probably why there's someone from Alaska a few lots down from us here in Fort Pierce, FLA

11-17-2011, 03:20 PM
We just got back from the Northern CA Coast, and now I have a supply of Abalone for the winter. :)[:p][:p] AHH! life is good.

11-18-2011, 04:07 AM
My doctor keeps asking me when our next vacation is. I'm retired, I don't get any vacations, what a ripoff. Sometimes life just isn't fair. :)