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08-29-2011, 09:38 AM
I read a recent post about the Police department in Glenwood Springs Colorado not being friendly, and did not want us there, so, I thought I would give them the opportunity to respond. I think this is only fair. I am a supporter of the Police Departments, as I know many of you are.
This is from Terry Wilson, Sargent.
From: Jim Osbern [mailto:hvac.repairs@yahoo.com]
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To: djaklins@ci.glenwood-springs.co.us; twilson@glenwoodpolice.com
Subject: Visitors to your city
I am a member of a very large group of RV owners. (around 5,000) We travel all over the country, Colorado is a favorite for many of us, and your area is beautiful.
I read a post about how your department does not want us there, the quote was "big rigs are not welcome". I would take that as we are not welcome in our long trailer/tow vehicle combinations.
Being an optimistic person, and knowing how sometimes the wrong information gets out there, I wanted to give you an opportunity to address this comment.
Here is the part of the post that I hope you can address:
"We have camped in all of these places mentioned above many times over the years.

Be careful in Glenwood Springs. The traffic on the very narrow streets, including the highway southbound through downtown is tight. The Police Department in Glenwood Springs is also very strict and in our experience very unfriendly. We have not been officially contacted by the police there but the times we have met and even asked directions with the police, we have been notified that "big rigs are not welcome"."
My wife and I are headed there in a month or so, so I have a selfish reason for contacting you as well.
Maybe we can stop and meet some of the officers. (hopefully no tickets involved..)
Thanks, Jim and Sue Osbern
Montana Owners Group.

RE: Visitors to your city
Terry Wilson
'Jim Osbern'
Monday, August 29, 2011 9:40 AM
Yes, false information does abound on the web, and this clearly is an example of that. The part about narrow streets and traffic is very true…no one projected ahead to modern vehicle sizes when laying out the town 100+ years ago. We as a Department are strict in enforcing traffic laws, as that is the direction we receive from our citizens. I greatly dispute the unfriendly or unwelcome comments. Sounds like sour grapes but they also state no official contact. Without knowing the who and when I certainly cannot research this issue, but I would say their opinion carries no merit with me. A lot of our citizens are “snowbirds” and have motor coaches and RV’s, and there is no inkling of dislike for them that I have ever seen. There is a prohibition of camping in town other than in established campgrounds, so maybe that is their problem ?

08-29-2011, 09:53 AM
No mention of the meet and greet.Oh well.

08-29-2011, 11:24 AM
As a Colorado resident for most of my life I can say there are many towns and cities in Colorado that are very strict when it comes to traffic regulations (speeding). The state patrol are also strict about speeding.

This does not mean that every time someone is stopped for speeding they will get a ticket. They may get a warning. Just as I did last year in Alaska.

I have been in some states and never see police monitoring traffic. This does not mean they don't.

I have also read about certain Colorado towns that were RV unfriendly. With more than 35 years of RVing around Colorado I have not experienced any towns where RVs were not welcome. As the Sargent mentioned in his response about his city, there are some cities where you are not supposed to stay in a WalMart parking lot or anyplace but a campground. I have run into that in other states also. It is usually a local thing and if there are no complaints RVers stay in those places also.

Jim I think you did the right thing by asking the police dept. about it. I think we can all appreciate his response to you.


Trailer Trash 2
08-29-2011, 11:27 AM
Wow I'm headed up there on the 7th I sure hope they like us because Im putting about 2 weeks of revinue into there econamy at Ami's.
I dont intend to brake any laws, so I should be good there.
As far as the streets being narrow for big rigs, maybe there talking about 18 wheelers with big or oversized loads. they must get supplies for the supermarkets and local shops I know they dont get Pick up deleveries for restock so it would have to be 18 wheelers.

Delaine and Lindy
08-29-2011, 04:12 PM
We have stayed at AMI's and have been in Glennwoods Springs twice. I have never had a issue in Glennwood. Has to be one of the most beautiful drives getting into Glennwood on I-70. Now if you decide to visit Doc Holiday grave don't read the info on the back of the stone.. Yes its a good hike getting there. I for one would have no issue going back to Glennwood Springs, and for the LEO's they have a tough job and many times they don't get enough thanks for what they do. Thanks to all the LEO's who try to protect all Americans...

08-29-2011, 04:58 PM
My wife and I were in Glenwood Springs 2 years ago. It is a gorgeous town and I echo many of the sentiments of the I70 drive through the canyon heading west toward town. It is absolutely one of the prettiest highways I've ever travelled. But I certainly agree that trying to negotiate the streets in our TV without the Monty in tow was difficult at best and I can't imagine even trying with it hitched up. Better to find a place to put it before negotiating the streets of the town. And while you're there, hit the hot springs pool. It was one of the highlights of our Colorado trip.

08-29-2011, 06:24 PM
This was a good way to approach the issue Ozz. We've visited Glenwood Springs several times and have never had an issue with the PD or the citizens.

Rancher Will
08-30-2011, 09:24 AM
I do not wish to make this a big issue. However I am surprised:

Chief Terry Wilson in the Glenwood Springs Police Department, Just next to the County Court Building, just south of the over-river bridge, and then right on the next street,is the very officer who told me that "Big Rigs were not really welcome in Glenwood Springs".

Also, one of my truck drivers, driving a "big Rig" in Glenwood Springs was issued a ticket and fined for a ficticious motor vehicle accident that never happened, in 2009. He was charged with driving 26 MPH in a 25 MPH zone, with an uninvestigated backing "accident" that never happened. Our insurance company investigated and a Certified Accident Investigator, paid by the Insurnace Company provided court documents proving that the "accident" never happened and it was a scam accepted by the Police Department.

Although proof was provided to the Police Department that the driver was not involved in any accident, Chief Wilson and the City Manager refused to correct the Colorado DMV report that resulted in my driver losing his job as a Commercial Driver. The Court dismissed the accident report but the Police Chief refused to correct the DMV Report. The driver lost his job under Federal DOT Regulations based on the false accident report by the Glenwood Springs Police Dept.

If anyone doubts this, contact me and I will be happy to provide documentation to support what I have written here.

Rancher Will
08-30-2011, 09:59 AM
Yes, I agree that Glenwood Springs is a beautiful town and area. We still go there often and in fact one of our Grandaughters is presently enrolled in Colorado Mountain College just south of Glenwood. I am very familiar with Glenwood Springs having lived for a time in Carbondale many years ago while I was a Deputy Sheriff, under Garfield County Sheriff Ralph Baker, and also Chief of Police in Carbondale. I have a number of friends in Garfield County.Former Chief of Police in Glenwood Springs, Robert Halbert, was a prior officer in my department and I helped him obtain the position of Chief in Glenwood when that opening happened.

My post was not in any way to flame the town of Glenwood Springs. In fact my wife and I visited there just two months ago as we often do. I was merely reporting that my experience, and those of my employees and friends who have and do now live and sometimes work in Garfield County, along with a few other visitors I have met, warn anyone about certain unprofesional actions of certain police officers there.

As a now retired LEO (41 years experience) it saddens me to know that there are unprofessional police officers in places such as Glenwood Springs.

Rancher Will
08-30-2011, 03:35 PM
As a member of this web site for some time now I always appreciated the fact that members always posted polite and civil entries and comments.

I can honestly say that up to now I have not previously read an insulting post where any member called another a JACKASS. Unfortunately now I have read one such.

If I am the target of the slur then let me remind everyone that my posts have been honest, polite, and I have offered to provide documentation, and I did not even originally name one of the three involved Glenwood Police Officers. I did not even name the City Manager, the County Judge (who apologized to me for his unable ability to override the Police Chief with the DMV), the County Attorney, or the Glenwood Springs Attorney, or the Grand Junction Attorney who were all involved with the unfortunate incidents. My purpose was merely to mention that anyone driving a Big Rig in Glenwood Springs should be aware of a potential problem.

I did not even mention the name of the driver that I referenced who lost his job as the result of the falsified police report sent to the Colorado DMV and The Federal DOT. That driver, as a result of losing his job under Federal DOT CSA 2010 Regulations, when the police refused to correct the false report, not only lost his job but although I did my best to work with the Glenwood Police, the Courts and the DMV, he also subsequently lost his home since he was unable to obtain another job to pay his home expenses.

08-30-2011, 05:21 PM
Bye bye thread

08-30-2011, 05:58 PM
Will, sorry this happened. Not what I intended.

08-30-2011, 07:02 PM
Folks we need to remind ourselves from time to time of what the purpose of the MOC is. Please keep in mind that posts should be generally related to RVing. Also keep in mind that posts should address general issues and NOT make posts personal.

This particular thread is on the borderline so please be careful and try to keep the topic on target. It has crossed over the line in regards to some personal comments. Hopefully those will be corrected soon.

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