View Full Version : Butte’s Bonanza, Billions in Bullion blasted

08-25-2011, 05:34 AM
Said to be the richest hill in the world, the town is centered around the scarred remains of mining there. It is reported that over Two Billion in Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc was mined there. You would find over 3,000 miles of workings and shafts, some a mile deep. There are still Gallows frames, (also called head frames) lit in red lights scattered over the mountain inside the city.
The stark contrast between the upscale Bozeman with it’s Greenpeace members handing out brochures, 30 or so coffee houses, and cute shops downtown.
Then Butte. Pawn shops, bars and tattoo parlors replace the coffee shops. The mood of the city was apparent only 2 hrs after we arrived. We drove uptown, I had pulled over to the side of a street, no traffic in sight, to snap a shot of one of the Mining Gallows frames, a biker rapidly closed on my position, as she went around us, one hand came off the ‘Ape hanger’ handlebars to shoot me the finger. Welcome to Butte, Mr. Osbern….



08-25-2011, 09:36 AM
How many towns do you go to where you get a greeting like that?