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Wayne and Carolyn Mathews
05-28-2011, 06:23 PM
After we sold our home in April, we moved into our Montana and are currently living at the Dillon KOA campground in Dillon, Montana. We couldn't be happier with the park or the management. If you want lots of details, e-mail or PM me and I'll send you the review I wrote for a travel site. But in a nutshell . . .

The park is an older KOA campground, bought 2 years ago by Bob and Pam Meyerson. The Meyersons have worked hard to get the grounds in excellent shape, and the campground bathrooms/showers, although older ones, are spotlessly clean and functioning at all times. The pool is now being redone and will be ready to go when it's warm enough to go swimming (Memorial Day weekend--snow this morning). The campground setting is beautiful: trees, grass, flowers, mountains in view--this place is great. The park is also very pet-friendly, which is nice since we have two Australian shepherds and a cat. There are lots of wide open places to let the animals run and play. We've noticed that 99.5% of the campers pick up after their animals, too, a real plus for the campground.

Most campsites have lots of trees; all have gravel pads and grass. There are pull-through sites long enough for Class A's with trailers attached, for 5th-wheels and trucks and maybe a boat, and sites of all other sizes as well. The Beaverhead River, a certified Blue Ribbon trout stream, borders some of the campsites. From anywhere in the park, you are less than a minute from the river. Right now, lots of nice browns are being caught on lures, flies, and bait.

Here's an example of the "above and beyond" management the Meyersons provide: The fourth night we were here, Wayne had to have emergency surgery; he can't life anything heavier than 5 pounds for another month. When Bob learned about the surgery, he told us that until Wayne recovered, he would be picking up our empty propane tanks, filling them, and putting them back into their compartments for us. And--service with a smile, always!

We'll be leaving for the 7 Feathers rally on June 3rd, but before and after that we'll be in Site #2 at the park when we're not on the road. Stop by and introduce yourselves if you're in the area. We'd love to meet fellow MOCers.


Carolyn & Wayne Mathews

05-29-2011, 03:20 AM
You and Wayne are having to struggle way too hard! Wow! What a nice sounding park you've got there. I hope the rates are reasonable. So many of the KOAs we've had experience with were way overpriced. We seldom use them for that reason. Well that reason an many other reasons as well! But you sound like you've got a true jewel on hand! Enjoy and we'll see you folks soon. Dennis and Mary Kay

05-29-2011, 09:16 AM
We stayed at this park for two nites on our way to the Rally in Jackson and then further South this spring... The 1st nite there we needed to make an emergency run back to Billings, but decided to leave the 5th Wheel in Dillon rather than hauling it back to Billings with us. When we checked out after the two nite stay, Bob didn't charge us for the 1st nite. I thought this was very Nice of him and not at all what I expected!!!
I agree with you Caroline, it's a great place and the owners are 'a cut above the average'. We will stay there anytime we are in the area.. :D

Wayne and Carolyn Mathews
05-29-2011, 02:45 PM
Dennis, we're paying a monthly rate, which is less than half of what we'd be paying for a dumpy rent house here in town and a lot less than the monthly rate for the other two RV places in Dillon. They're both nice places, but we still like the KOA the best. Our basic cable and wireless internet are free, too. I know some KOA parks are very high; in fact, we just saw an ad for one that charges $65 a night--outrageous, we thought.

The great thing about the Dillon KOA is not only the location, scenery, and price, but the outstanding management--above and beyond at all times, and always service with a smile!


05-30-2011, 08:15 PM
Are y'all coming up our way anytime in the near future?

Wayne and Carolyn Mathews
05-31-2011, 03:41 AM
Alaska is definitely on the bucket list, but not for another year or so at the earliest. We have family in Texas whom we haven't seen in 3 years, so this year we're heading east and then south after the 7 Feathers rally in Oregon. If and when we do head to Alaska, we will be sure to let you know.

Are you still operating a bed & breakfast?


05-31-2011, 08:12 AM
No, ma'am. Hated it. With both of us working fulltime and Bernie being on call 24/7 and I was also on call, it was too much. I got tired of being called out in the middle of the night for a crisis, then working all day, then coming home and having to play hostess. Got to me and I quit everything last September -- my job and closed the B&B. Too much. I took six months off, relaxed and regrouped, then started my own business this spring. Life is much easier when I'm not doing 25 hours worth of work in a 24 hour day!

Absolutely let us know when y'all are coming. You always have a place to stay up here! If we get down to Montana, we'll let you know. Our friends are still living in Lauren and I think we're do for a visit. It's been a few years.

07-26-2011, 05:03 PM
We stayed in that KOA 2 years ago and talk about relaxing and nice. Yup the owners are great and if the schedule allows, go see the U of Montana Rodeo when they have it at the fairground right behind you. it was great and have a lot of pic's and vid's from the event.
Hope Dennis is getting better soon and following Doctors orders...


Wayne and Carolyn Mathews
07-27-2011, 07:41 PM
Randy, we've lived in Dillon since 2002 and we've been to that rodeo in the past--it's great! When we sold our stick home in April of this year, we moved to the KOA campground and, as we said, we are loving our new home base.

Another great rodeo takes place over Labor Day weekend, billed as "Montana's Biggest Weekend." The town is packed from the Thursday before Labor Day through the actual holiday itself. (I could be prejudiced about this rodeo; my son usually participates in a couple of events in it.)

I'm glad you enjoyed your KOA stay. If you get back this way, stop by and introduce yourselves.