View Full Version : Actual weights, 3400RL and 2500HD (long)

04-20-2004, 09:29 AM
I made it to the scales today with my new 3400RL and was pleasantly surprised! The pin weight is very close to the 1770 published even with our options. I have approx. 20 gal. in the fresh water tank, 10 gal. each in the black and galley tanks and less than 100 lbs. of "stuff" scattered about.

The pin weight is 1760 (made lighter by the water in the aft tank). Weight on trailer axles and tires is 10,260. Total weight of 12,020. I couldn't measure street side and curb side, but I doubt they'd be 2000 lbs. different to exceed 6000 per axle or tires on one side.

Truck with full tank, hitch, 2 set of golf clubs, tonneau cover and some misc. is 6800. Add 400 for us and dog is 7200. Add 1800 pin and we've got 200 to play with for GVWR of 9200. (Moving clubs and tools to the Montana and burning fuel will give us more).

We're well below the 13,770 GVWR for the Montana and we'll never add enough to push it.

Total rig is now 18,820, well below the GCWR of 22,000.

Last but not least, when we add some cargo to get the pin weight to around 1900#, our % of pin to total weight will be 16%. That's above the 15% recommended minimum.

I knew it was going to be close, and was considering trading to a 3500HD if the weights came out heavier, but now I'm breathing much easier. If you have this combo, or are considering it, I hope this helps you.

'03 2500HD D/A LB Ex Cab
Montana 3400 RL
Reese Pro 15K