View Full Version : Gotta put our Montana on a diet

04-14-2004, 12:21 PM
First off I wanted to say we are fulltiming now and this is the biggest reason for the following. We had the trailer and truck weighed and was I ever surprised. The truck and trailer pin were 11,160# and the trailer rear wheels were 10,340#. The scale was large enough to weigh the combined weight and that was 21,520#. This was on scales at a lumber yard that was certified scales. This was with 49 gallons of fuel and two adults. It handles ,stops and pulls just fine but Ford says max combined weight 20K# which puts it over by 1500#. I had the truck weighed a while ago and it was under 8000# so the pin weight is over 3100# which is fine for our truck. Some how we have to figure out how to loose some weight.