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09-15-2010, 09:25 AM
We are making plans for our first extended stay to escape a Minnesota winter to the warmer south. My big concern is that chances are it will be very cold here when we leave. Because our two large dogs occupy the back of our crew cab, we have no room to keep things that need to be warm in our tow vehicle. I have no idea if you can run the heater in the rig to keep it warmer while traveling or is it just better to carry the fewest number of items that can be affected by this as possible. We should be ok after our first travel day.

Mrs. CountryGuy
09-15-2010, 09:36 AM
We have run with the furnace on 45.

Disclaimer, many will urge you to turn the propane off at fuel ups.

Listen to all the pros and cons, then, make your call.

Before I started taking my violets, we ran in extremely cold weather with NO furnace on, but loaded with food and toiletries, etc. Only thing that seemed to really suffer (temporarily) was the olive oil, it like congealed, when it warmed up, it reconstituted itself. I could not tell in using if this hurt, I don't think it did, but, then, I am no gourmet cook, eh?? ;)

Now if you are considering running with water, that is another story, when we left the sticks on Jan 3d with 4 below actual temps, we went sans water (carry a couple of gallons of fresh water in old milk containers to flush with). One reason we did sans water, is that we were of no mind to pull a hose out of the pole barn, fill Tana's tanks and then try to get that hose thawed out for storage back in the pole barn. Call us lazy, but that just did not appeal at 4 below! ;)[}:)];)

Enjoy your winter away!!

09-15-2010, 10:24 AM
In cold weather we leave the trailer winterized and just carry jugs of water for cooking and flushing. We did run with the furnace on from Boise Id to Lewiston Id one spring. Nothing froze in the trailer even tho the outside temps were in the 20's.