View Full Version : egt guages?

04-04-2004, 04:38 PM
I've got a bone stock 04 GMC 3500 CC LLY D/A 4x4 pulling an 03 3295 Big Sky. Soon we'll be able to do some traveling to where ever we want, out thru the Rockies is a possibility. And I am thinking of putting a pyro (exhaust gas temp.) guage on my pillar. On other forums I monitor a lot of guys are installing them, but most of them are running a chip. I'm wondering with a stock setup whether I need one or not. They tell me that on long steep grades that turbo diesel gets pretty hot. Does the computer compsenate for such things and make adjustments? Also I've got a bad habit of when I pull in for fuel or a rest stop that I shut down when I get out of the truck and that's not good either and a guage would be a reminder for me to let the engine cool down a little before I shut down. Do any of you have guages and run stock? Any input would be appreciated.

Thank AL.

al jolley jr
Greenville oh.(The Treaty City)
04 GMC 3500 CC 4x4 d/a Dually
03 3295 Big Sky