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04-01-2004, 11:59 PM
Doing the Happy Dance!

LadyRam fianally has her Waag wheel to wheel black step bars and her super deluxe, black aluminum Weatherguard Toy Box. This a great box. It's level with the rails, goes across the back, and is 27 3/4 inches deep. I can keep my beach chair, umbrella, tarp, bungees, cooler. et..secure and out of the weather. I love it! I have wanted this stuff for quite some time.

The best part is they are a gift from my father. He wanted to say thank you and create a little joy! He did!

I'm heading over to Sebring to have a weekend visit and show him what his money bought. :) He's been kind of neglected recently due to, well, you know what.

I can't wait until he attempts to hop in LadyRam now! I'll just say, "Hey Dad, just step right on that bar and hop in". :)

Now I need to get that digital so I can show off LadyRam and her new stuff!

fla native

2004 2980RL (Miss Montana) towed by 2001 Dodge diesel 3500 (LadyRam)