View Full Version : On The Road Again

10-29-2009, 07:44 AM
It is raining here on Vancouver Island in BC, or the monsoons as some of us call it.
I am still in shorts, but I think I will need to have another look at this as we head
south down the I-5 and towards the sun in Arizona.
Leaving here on Saturday, October the 31st. We travel with friends, and we are a bit
whimpy as to distance traveled daily. Both of the ladies get pretty upset if we even think
of going further than 300 miles a day. I have always said if you drive further than 250 miles a day it is like work, it may become a job!
We have stops planned in Kelso, WA, Canyonville, OR, Corning, CA, Lodi, CA and then
Bakersfield, CA at Orange Grove RV Park. Each site there has 4 orange trees, plus you can
go into their orchards to pick lovely, big, seedless oranges.
After a 2 day stay there, we head to Lake Havasu for a week there in the Coast to Coast park with our friends. Then we head our separate ways, our friends go to Yuma to Cactus Garden park for the whole winter. We are going to Pahrump, NV and then we are moving
every two weeks as we try to make maximum use of our Western Horizons, AOR, and
ROD memberships. We will spend the month of February in Yuma with our friends, and then we head home the end of March.
Next year is our 50th anniversary, and after we come home long enough to do our taxes, etc. we will leave again in May to head to Canada's east coast to PEI where my wife is from.
Going to be a busy year for traveling.
Since I retired from the Navy in 1994 this will be our 8th trip around the continent, 6 have been counter clock wise, and 2 clock wise. We have traveled over 250,000 miles in that time to 39 states and all 10 Canadian provinces.
Our units are affectionately called Max and Monty. We tow with a 2003 GMC duramax, crew cab, white with pin stripe painting, full running boards and Roll 'N Lock cover. Our fifth is a 2007 Montana 2955RL. Wave if you see us.