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06-25-2009, 02:15 AM
This is somewhat lengthy but thought I would share it with everyone. I had posted this on another forum several years ago but thought it was worthy to be brought back. Ok, I know what you’re thinking but this didn’t happen to the Ford I have. This was actually a breakdown when I owned a Chevy. This happened on one camping trip. I’m not sure what year this was but probably about 9-10 years ago somewhere in that era. Sometime we need a reminder that there are still good people in this world.

Anyway, one summer we had been in Indianapolis for our family re-union; and sometime after parting we started having a problem with our van.

We were towing a 27’ 1975 Airstream; with a ¾ ton van. We were traveling south from Indianapolis on I-65. We started hearing a very un-usual noise in the engine. We pulled over to discover that our belt had come apart in shreds. I had never seen so many pieces of threads from one belt. Part of the belt remained intact, as strange as it may seem. I cleaned off the excess threads of belts and we were able to make it for a few more miles on a belt about half the width it should have been.

We got out our handy Woodall’s book and started looking for a campground. We found one not far away near Columbus, Indiana and proceeded in that direction. With this being a Sunday we knew nothing would be open for repairs so we spent the night. We located a dealership and the next morning (still driving the van) drove back into town to pay them a visit. I must say they were extremely helpful and accommodating. They graciously worked us into their schedule for repairs. As it turned out the tension arm was bad and needed to be replaced. This had allowed the belt to drift from the track while the edges of the pulleys were cutting into it. We went ahead and had some other work done while we were there also. They also told us that when the belt broke it had damaged the A/C and we needed a new compressor. Well they didn’t have one so we decided that we could endure the rest of the trip with out the luxury of air conditioning.

They had us ready to go about noon. We left the dealership and went around the block to a parts store so I could purchase an extra belt. I wasn’t going to have that happen again and not be prepared for it.

Well guess what? When we got back in the van it wouldn’t start! You’ve got to be kidding! Man, what now? With the sun blistering down on us we walked back over to the dealership garage and told them about our dilemma. They had someone go over and look at it while we waited back at the garage. In a few minutes they pulled back in with the van. We found out after that, that the starter was bad and it wouldn’t start unless we wanted to bang on the side of it to get it to work. I think something was sticking inside of it. Well we weren’t going to leave with it in that kind of shape so we politely asked them if they could work us back in again and they did!

We spent the rest of the after noon getting the starter replaced. Finally it was ready about closing time. What a day!

I must say that the dealership went out of their way to help us. They were extremely nice and I wouldn’t have wanted to have been anywhere else for all of that to have happened.

When we got back home a few days later, we had the A/C repaired. The total cost of that bad belt resulted in us spending about $800.00 after all repairs and work was made.

Tell us your story!