View Full Version : How close do you get to the Montana GVWR?

01-19-2003, 07:49 AM
We are seriously considering buying one of the larger Montanas (ie 3280 or bigger) and it will be our first 5er. They all have a GVWR of about 14,000 lbs which is about 4000bs above the dry weight. My question is - how often do any owners load there Montanas close to this GVWR.

I would like to know this because 14,000 lbs is close to or above the towing capacity of most 3/4 or 1 ton pickup trucks. I checked the towing capacity table in the Dec02 Trailer Life and here are the figures.

Ignoring regular cab figures -
Chrysler - 13650 max unless you get the HO diesel with manual transmission then it goes as high as 16300!
GM - 15700/15500 max gas/diesel
Ford - 13800/13300 max gas/diesel

This seems to indicate that there is no Ford pickup rated to tow a larger Montana, only the Chrysler HO diesel manual is rated and GM seems to be the best choice. In any event, 14000lbs is right on the limit for a pickup truck.

So what gives?
Are the truck figures conservative or do you never approach the 5er GVWR?

BTW I realize there are other issues like truck GVW and GCW but I am asking about towing capacity.

Thanks for any help