View Full Version : Fuel millage gets better and better

Rob Cooley
12-30-2003, 03:12 PM
Will have to say I am very pleased with my truck and the fuel millage. It did not get over 9.5 to 10 mpg for the first 11,000 miles but it is constantly improving even now with 19,500 mules on it which it is 6 months old this month.Comming back from Virginia [Waynesboro] I ran to Hilton Head, SC on a tank of fuel as the traffic ran a constant 78-80 mph and it worked out at 16.5 mpg. The run from Hilton Head to Cape Coral was slower around 73-75 mph and it worked out to 17.3 mpg. My fuel millage just keeps on improving and I am thrilled. Believe it or not it was bumper to bumper and the traffic just flew in the outside lanes. Did have to get off of I-95 around The Charleston area due to a 20 mile traffic back-up so I went down 301 & 601 to Hardieville and back up to Hilton Head.

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