View Full Version : Are these typical/reasonable gauge readings?

12-16-2003, 07:17 AM
I had gauges installed in the truck and would like to get your opinions whether the numbers I'm seeing are reasonable and typical. I'm trying to develop a baseline of readings. All readings are Fahrenheit.

Truck: '03 Ford F350 6.0PSD AT

Conditions: 30-mile trip on city freeways; somewhat hilly terrain (est max grade 5%); 70mph on cruise; ambient temperature 30; 40mph headwinds (per radio).

Water Temp: warmed up to 185 and stayed there.

Transmission Temp: Probe is in trans oil pan. Slowly climbed to 130 and stayed there.

EGT: Probe is pre-turbo, in exhaust manifold. At steady speed on flat terrain, 600-650. Climbed to max 900 (usually no more than 800) up steepest long hill (1 mile or more). Descending, dropped as low as 400 on steepest hills. At traffic light at end of the exit, 375.

Are these reasonable and typical readings for this scenario?

Also, it's ok to shut off the engine when the EGT drops to or below 400, right?

Thanks. Appreciate the input.

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