View Full Version : TrailAir bag lost pressure

Rob Cooley
12-04-2003, 04:41 PM
Well coming back from Lady Lake this evening we were on I-75 above Tampa when our ride got real rough. I told Julia that we have made this trip now several times and the ride has been smooth. I changed lanes and it stayed the same and then I looked in the rear view mirrow at the TrailAir shocks and the arrow was barley vissable instead showing a complete arrow. Now I realize this makes no sense to most of you but believe me when you see the arrow on the shock gone your air is gone. We made the trip back with only 20 pounds of air in the hitch pin bag so it was a rough ride home. We sure realize why we bought it in the first place. I will check it tomorrow as I suspect it is the screw in valve in the valve stem as it was still holding 20 pounds of pressure. I normally run 50-60 pounds in it.

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