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05-05-2007, 10:49 AM
We leave largo, FL tomorrow. We were planning on a day in Tupelo to see where The King was born for Carol and then to Memphis to visit with friends. We then were heading to Mt Rushmore. We previously had done the Graceland tour so now the circle will be complete. While here visiting with our daughter and her family who were vacationing, we visited a couple of times with Glenn and Lorraine. We went to Sun Coast RV to get our damaged slide topper replaced. It had been damaged when sideswiped by a truck while traveling through Cincinnati a few weeks ago. Sun Coast had us bring the unit in for measurements and then again several days later for installation. When we brought it back for the actual repairs we discovered that the awning had not been shipped from Atlanta yet. Since we were heading for Mt Rushmore from here, Glenn then talked us into attending the Branson Rally. Talked with John, got a spot and he led me to Barry Lawson, of Naylor RV in Kansas City. Barry has a tech coming to Branson and he will bring the slide topper and install it at the campsite. This forum is such a great help as well as being so entertaining. We are meeting such fine people. We are really looking forward to meeting many of you at Branson.

Glenn and Lorraine
05-05-2007, 02:25 PM
Carol and Jim,
It was a great time for Lorraine and I and we both look forward to seeing you again in Branson.

Tomorrow (Sunday), We will also be heading in the same general direction as you and Carol. Who knows we might end up in the same campground if not we'll see ya in Branson.

05-06-2007, 05:40 AM
Hope you have a safe trip and we will see you in Branson.

05-07-2007, 10:00 AM
Thanks, Dennis and Linda. We're looking forward to it.