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09-28-2003, 05:46 PM
Sorry to bother you all with questions again, but an interesting situation has come up. We are going to take delivery of a 3295RK on October 10th. (Yeah - clapping-shouts of joy..).
In a previous post I asked advice on hitch and controller, and think I have made a decision on that front. I have been following posts on the air pinbox topics with interest, as we live 20 minutes outside Yosemite on some fairly rough roads, and oh well it sounds advantageous.
So I asked the dealer if the factory would install the Travelair pinbox at time of manufature. Nope. Could he provide after market installation? (I don't think they are an authorized dealer)
I got a call back - seems the dealership is having a sale on back inventory in the parts department. Someone had ordered an air pinbox and never picked it up. I could have it for $500. (pretty good price, I think). But it is a different brand. Venture Air or Air Venture.
Has anyone heard of this brand - I can't find it on the web anywhere.
One of my concerns is that looking at the trailers on the lot, the pinbox is extended quite forward. This air pinbox does not look as if it would extend as far forward. Would I be getting into trouble with turning radius, and or clearance at the tail gate?
Thanks for any discussion. I will need to make a decision fairly soon...hate to pass up a good deal - but I am more than willing to pass on a bad one!

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