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09-25-2003, 01:53 AM
If things keep moving right along (have contract on my parent's house) I will be hooking a small U-Haul (12X10) to LadyRam sometime around Oct 19 and pulling what few things my father is taking (says he does not want anything that he can't enjoy with my mother) 130 miles one way.

I have become a bit frustrated with the U-Haul dealers in the area I will need to pick up the trailer in. LadyRam has the tow package. I have the tow bar in the back and the plug for the trailer lights.

One dealer tells me I'll need this and another dealer says I'll need something else. Does anyone know just what I need to ask for to get the job done. Also I am assuming that the plug in for trailer breaks coming off my back bumper has no connection to my prodigy. The prodigy outlet was installed in the bed of LadyRam in front at the drivers side.

I have never pulled a tag-a-long with my truck. Would I need a sway bar. LadyRam is a long bed dully.

I am asking here because the people who rent over there appear less than reliable when it comes to honesty. I can't even get a set price ahead of time, "due to the price fluctuation from day to day". They are also insisting I keep it for two days, "in case I need it".

Needless to say I walked out of a couple of places after Kindly telling them what I thought of their policies and nonsense. Now it's time to regroup and walk into a couple of new places and start over. I would just like to have a better understanding of what I actually need before they can get that look in their eye that says, "oh happy day, $$$$".

On a side note. I have found the a very nice and homey nursing home to move my mother too. She is still very alert and has her sense of humor and understands what we say to her, but she cannot commuincate very well. He words get all jumbled up. She also cannot remember 10 minutes ago. I have a transport service lined up to move her as she will need a CNA along.

There is much to do before their closing on Oct 15 and if anyone can offer any assistance on this U-Haul deal I would be grateful. I would like to be able to go in and say I need this, this and this and not let them tell me what I don't need.

fla native

2002 2880RL (Miss Montana) towed by 2001 Dodge diesel 3500 (LadyRam)