View Full Version : New Owner Advice on Hitch and Controller

09-19-2003, 03:56 PM
We are the proud new debtor's of a Montana Big Sky 3295RK, but haven't taken delivery yet. (It's killing me to wait, but it does have to be built after all.) In the meantime, I need to get the tow vehicle set up for the all important day. My question to the group is multi-faceted, but probably pretty straightforward.

We will be pulling with a Ford 2000 F350, diesel which we already own. I need to head to the dealer for a hitch installation and the brake controller. Does anyone out there have any advice as to models that I should be specifying, or conversely avoiding? Are there advantages to one over the other?
Secondly, (and I will check with the dealer), but should I consider asking the factory to install the Travelair pinbox up front? I don't even know if they would do it....

If you can't tell, I am a neophyte at this - our previous "RV" had fabric walls, tent poles, and stakes. This whole thing is new, daunting, exiting, and I can't wait to get started, but don't want to blow it up front. Any other setup advice is truly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any discussion - you can't believe how helpful it has been to review existing discussions; I know I will be much better educated on the day I take delivery - I will know some of the things to watch out for!

I hope this post includes our profile signature - whatever that is - if not We are Trygg, Vicki and the French Bulldog named Bear - look forward to seeing some of you on the road.