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Retired Pilot
12-22-2006, 12:16 AM
The forum shows that I am properly logged on, am unable to bring up any link other than General Discussions, long timers and if I try to email the administrator it says you must be logged on to use.

12-22-2006, 12:53 AM
I am the wrong person to help you but the advice is free, so you get what you pay for. You probably just need to click active topics at the very top so it will load. If the date that appears at the top of the page is just a short while ago you can click it for a drop down menu that lets you expand the time frame.

12-22-2006, 03:18 AM
If you're able to post, you're properly logged on and should be able to see the entire forum. Try clicking "All Forums" above the forum box (upper left corner).. That should open all the topics. Welcome to the forum. We're glad you're here!

Retired Pilot
12-22-2006, 04:08 AM
None of the above worked, finally repaired the problem by reregistering.

12-22-2006, 01:34 PM
Try number 2, 3 or 4 in this. If it does not work email me at
The address is disguised to avoid the spammers. Change the --at-- to @

1. ------------------------------------------------------------
If you keep getting directed back to the Agreement Page upon Registration Forum Co has given us the following information.


It may be because of an over active firewall (probably Norton).

Ask them to disable it while registering. They can re-enable it afterward.


2. ----------------------------------------------------------
If you are told you are logged in but it keeps coming back to a screen saying you must be logged in, then see the following.
This problem is often caused by your privacy settings not accepting cookies from forumco.com. It tells you
you are logged in but then won't allow full access. Here's some info that has helped others with this problem.

For people using Internet Explorer try this - >> > Open Internet Explorer

- Click Tools > Internet Options > Privacy

- Under "Websites" click "Edit" (on the right). Newer versions might instead have a button called "Sites". Click on that.

- Under "Address of Website" type forumco.com and click "allow".

- Click Ok.

- This brings you back to the privacy popup box.

- Click "Advanced" in the middle of the box.

- Make sure that "Overide automatic cookie handling" is checked.

- Under "first party cookies" check "Accept"

- Under "third party cookies" check "Accept"

- Always allow session cookies should also be checked.

- click ok and ok again.

- Close all Internet Explorer windows.

- Open Internet explorer and try to login to the forum.

3. --------------------------
Make SURE that the time data and year are set correctly on their computers otherwise the cookie
will expire before its even set. Hence, cookies need to be enabled.

4. ------------------------------------------------------------
If none of the above helps, try this - in Internet Explorer, Tools/internet options/, then on the General tab click
the Delete Cookies button. The new forum software uses a different cookie so this has worked for some when
the other procedures did not help.