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Rob Cooley
09-12-2003, 05:50 PM
We are now in virginia and we took 4 days to do it and will give that info in another topic. The 6.0 is running like a top and we love the awsome power and the new transmission. We run the back roads fron raliegh, NC up through Virginia to Waynesboro and this is a comparrison to our 7.3 PSD. We found that in the hill country that we maintain the speed limit instead of up and down speeds as last year with the 7.3. The most impressive event was pulling the mountain on I-64 from Charlottesville to Waynesboro. Last year we pulled the mountain at 52 mph and this year with the cruise control set at 65 it never dropped below 65 and did not strain a bit. I could not believe the power going up the mountain. So far so good.

03 F350 6.0 PSD CC Larait
02 Montana 3280
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