View Full Version : Reese slider difficult to slide?

12-27-2002, 11:50 AM
I have the Reese 15k Classic FW hitch with the added Kwik-Slide. I've only had to use the slide once but also used it a couple of times just to make sure I could work it if needed. This slide is a bit difficult to get to slide. It requires holding the trailer brakes full-on using the controller while standing on the truck brakes while revving the engine. I then release the brake pedal and immediately stomp the brakes again, soon as it releases. Otherwise I'll "bang" hard into the end of the slide mechanism. I've found no other technique that will break loose the slide. I've tried lubing the mechanism and the slide but that doesn't help much. Is this normal with the Reese Kwik Slide?

Steve Reigle
Topeka, KS (until 4/03, then fulltime traveling)
'99 F350 V10; '03 3295RK