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Rob Cooley
09-01-2003, 04:46 PM
Boy do I have a tire problem. When I bought this truck it is the first time I did not pay any attention to the type of tires that were on it. It came with Generals and after about 100 miles I started getting a whopping sound from my tires and it kept getting worse. I went to the Ford dealer after my Virginia trip and they said yes it was cupping so I made an appointment. They rotated the tires at 3000 miles and aligned the front end under warranty. About 4 weeks later I was getting my oil changed and they said my front tires were cupping. I said you just did all of this work on it so what is the deal. They broke down the tires and checked them and re-balanced them. Now 2 weeks later they are making so much noise that you can't hardly hear the radio at 70 mph. Will go back in tomorrow and have a long chat with them. Also over the weekend I had the chance to talk to 2 ex Ford service guys and they both said that the Generals just don't hold up on the F350's and everyone that has changed to Good Year or Michlins have no further problems. Everything else is fine with the truck but the tires. Srry about the repeat info but maybe someone has some ideas.

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