View Full Version : Mountains and GM 8.1 Gassers

07-22-2003, 01:32 AM
Ford 6.0 Powerstrokes are getting too much air time so I thought I'd change the subject to a GM Gasser question.

I have been able to pull all the mountains in the Northeast (Although I haven't tried Mt. Washington!)without a problem with my 8.1 w/ 4:10 rear end. In fact I haven't seen a hill I couldn't do at least 50 mph on but ...

What about those high elevation mountains such as found in the Rockies? Does anyone have a 8.1 gasser that they've used to tow with at higher elevations. I've been told that these big gassers start gasping for air and loosing quite a bit of power. How bad is this power loss?


'01 Chevy K3500 Dually 8.1 Allison 4x4 4:10 CC
Towing a '02 Montana 3655FL 5th Wheel
Manassas, Virginia USA