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Les and Julie
12-04-2005, 03:50 PM
:D Checking in -- we are now settled into our winter spot --- Cocopah Golf & RV Resort in Yuma, Site 644. Had a surprise visit from Ray & Diane (Texdeano) --- they are also here in Yuma (they are at another park nearby). We are hoping to get together with them again soon. If there is anyone else in the area let us know --- we would love to meet up with you.

Les and Julie

12-13-2005, 01:38 PM
We are in space 403 at Yuma Lakes. Until the 27th. Then off to the Holiday Bowl.

12-13-2005, 05:46 PM
Just left Yuma today. Presently in Quartzite, leaving for Desert Hot Springs, CA on Thursday.

12-14-2005, 05:00 AM
We should be in on Friday. Does anybody have suggestions as to where for about a 2 week stay??
We have never been there before so don't know where the good or bad areas are. Thanks, Helen

12-14-2005, 10:29 AM
We will be in Yuma, but not until February 4th. We will be at the Del Pueblo Rv park for the whole month. Until then, we are traveling throughout the great state of Texas....:):)

Les and Julie
12-15-2005, 08:46 AM
Hi Helen -- we quite like the Cocopah RV Park but not sure if there are any openings -- seem to be several empty spots but they look like they are filling up daily -- undertand New Year's Day is the day everyone arrives. Let us know when you get settled in Yuma & hopefully we will be able to get together for a visit. I will send you our phone number by PM shortly.

Safe travels Julie

quote:Originally posted by adelmoll

We should be in on Friday. Does anybody have suggestions as to where for about a 2 week stay??
We have never been there before so don't know where the good or bad areas are. Thanks, Helen

12-15-2005, 12:30 PM
We are at Westwind RV & Golf Resort. There seem to be lots of spaces here. There are a lot of campgrounds in this area, The Foothills. It is on the east side of Yuma. A lot of people have gone to their homes for Christmas, so you might be in luck. There also seem to be fewer people here this year.

12-15-2005, 03:41 PM
Hi.. We got in this evening. We grabbed a spot at Las Quintas Oasis for one week to see how we like it. We took a short drive and did see the Westwind. We are not too far from there. We were so tired after we set up but we were trying to find the JC Penney's Store. We did not find it but when we went to the grocery store we found out where it is so will go there tomorrow. Maybe someone that is in Yuma can help me with my problem. I am trying to get the ad for yesterday (Wednesday) for Penney's. It was a one day circular and my grand daughter models for them. She was in this ad but they do not have Penney's in Mexico so even the Phoenix papers did not have the ads there. I was able to see it on the internet but you know us grandmas. I WANT THE AD. So if anybody happened to get the paper on Tuesday or Wed. that had the ad in it and still has it, please save it for me. The stores usually throw theirs away after the sale is over.

Julie, I will be in touch with you soon. Helen

12-16-2005, 02:42 PM
Well, after missing them in Tucson, we finally caught up with Les and Julie. They were well worth the wait. We had an enjoyable time for awhile this afternoon and will be repeating it very soon. We hope we can get a mini rally going next week. There sure are a lot of Montana's in this area so if any of you can join us just jump right in or PM either one of us.

Helen ( Thanks everyone. I did get a circular from Penney's)

Les and Julie
12-16-2005, 03:56 PM
:D Really enjoyed our visit today Helen --- looking forward to getting together again next week -- a mini ralley sounds great. We are looking forward to meeting more members of our "Montana Family". If anyone else is available next week please let either Helen or myself know & we will organize a get-to-gether. (If next week is not good just let us know when you are available


12-18-2005, 04:29 AM
Yesterday we went to the swap meet and met another fellow MOC'er, Fulltimer 1997. We met Wendi but have not seen Phil yet. Another wonderful experience. These Monty owners are really special people. ;)

Sorry we didn't get your post before we checked in to our spot SMC :(or we would have tried the Westwind but sure hope we get to meet you also. I will be PM'ing you later

12-18-2005, 04:33 PM
Hello all you MOC'ers that are in the Yuma area. We have set this Tuesday Dec 20th for a mini get together. I am going to fix up some goodies to nosh on [:p]and drinks at our place at 4:00 and then we can go across the road a short distance to Applebee's and have dinner whenever everyone is ready.[^] How does that sound??:D

We are at the Las Quintas Oasis # 60. That is at exit 12 on the North Frontage Road just a short distance West. (10442 N Frontage)

Sure hope you all can come. We would love to meet you.
I would appreciate a PM if you can make it to make sure I have enough appetizers ready.;)


12-24-2005, 09:05 AM
I have heard from many MOC'ers that are here in Yuma or will be coming in after the first of the year so we are going to do this again shortly. It is so nice to meet so many of you. For now, from Yuma, we send our Merriest wishes for Christmas.

Bill and Helen

12-25-2005, 05:19 AM
We will be at Canyon Vistas RV Resort on Hwy 60 in Gold Canyon Arizona (Just east of Apache Junction) from the first of January through March, in site 113. Stop and say "hi" if you are in the area!

01-08-2006, 05:47 PM
We have another Moc'er here at the Las Quinta Oasis. Dick and Toni (rlwhit) arrived this afternoon, sans an awning, but safe and sound. We spent a little time with them today and look forward to more.

I'm hoping we can all get together again before we head out for Quartzite. Let's hear it from all you Yuma Moc'ers.