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Rob Cooley
06-16-2003, 05:25 PM
This is an up date on our trip as we are spending the night in a Holiday Inn Express in Jonesville. NC off of I-77. We left last Wednesday morning at about 10am and made it to Richmond Hill, Ga. just south of Savannah. It was a nice KOA but not internet conections. We spent Thursday night just south of Petersburb, Va. at another KOA and no internet conections. We arrived at Centerville, Va. outside The DC area and stayed at Bull Run Regional park. We called in advance for reservations and got a site with full hook-ups. Well they don't have such a thing there so we had to load up with water and all they had was electric. Of course they had no idea who told us about full hook-ups. Some parts od I95 in the Carolina's were the roughest I have been on in a long time. For the first time we had things in the floor and afew things come apart but nothing major. We had our Gas regulator fail the first night out and have been so busy I have not fixed it yet. I have already bought a new on so will try to change it out soon. The wedding ordeal was great and we had to commute to Gorge Town for the rehersal diner and then to George town University chapel for the wedding. The traffic is unbelievable up in that neck of the woods. We have found that they will give you a sign to where you want to go but once you get off the freeway there are no other signs. They just point you in the right direction and the rest is on your own.LOL
Now for the truck report before I go into the return trip back to Florida. The new F350 with the 6.0 is awsom to say the least. We thought the dually would ride rough but it doesn't and runs like a top. The long wheel base is easier for me to back and it does have a few challanges but nothing in a negative way. If you are going 65 mph and feel like you want to act like a teenager again then push on the peddal and fly by the truck in front of you. Now I am not going to try it but I would put up a good wager that this truck will peg the speedometer with the Montana behind it. Power at your finger tips and why would you need a power chip in it. Found out this truck will not fit in most parking garages in DC but we created a lot of excitement backing out of several of them. Bull Run is a nice campground and we would go back again but the area up there has had more than its share of rain lately. We left for home Sunday after our father's day breakfast with Mom & Dad as they drove up from Florida also and he is 86 and Mom is 84 and married for 65 years. All of us kids were ther plus grand and great grand kids so it was nice. We left about 2 pm headind south on Rt 29 in the rain and turned west at Ruckersville on 33 to try my first mountain. It is steep and a lot of sharp curves so I had plenty of power to get up it but the sharp curves kept you at a max of 45 mph. When we reached the top it was a real steep and very sharp curvey road down. I used the tow/haul to see how it worked on down hills and I only had to apply my brakes about 10 times. We spent the night in Waynesboro which is my hometown and the campground did not have internet access.[this is gettin old] We left about 10 am this morning in the rain and fog heading south on I-81 and I ran all day in tow/haul as the book said and it did real good and it held the speed going down the large hills like a top. The real test was comming up at Fancy Gap on I-77 which has a 6 mile down the mountain run that has a truck emergenct ramp every mile. I set the cruise control at 65 and never had to touch the brakes other than to step down a gear so am I empressed, ya better believe it. Now for the rest of the story. We stopped at a cracker Barrel in Jonesville, NC for a late lunch and we leave the engine running for Ziggy while we eat. When we came back the idle was a little rough and you could smell exhaust fumes in the truch which was unusual. We start to pull out and the engine died so I restarted it and when over to the station across the stree and filled up as we were at a quarter of a tank. We pulled out of the station and the engine died again and I restarted it and it smothed out. We pulled down the on ramp of I-77 and all was well and then it died a immediate death never to fire again. We called The Good Sam hot line and they sent a BIG Wrecker out for us. They had to drop the drive shaft because we have the auto push button 4x4. Now here is what we have, a big Wrecker with the fron of the F350 going down the highway with Monty on the back. After we pulled off the interstate I saw a south bound Montana go by so we excaped being seen by another Montana in our awkward situation. That is why we are in a Holiday Inn in Jonesville. The F350 is at a Ford dealer and Monty is in front of a wrecker service center had we are here. The wrecker driver said he thought it was an engine sensor that went bad so let us hope for the best. These thing do happen but up to this point it was a dream to drive. Guess it is time for bed as we have had our share of excitement for the day. Ziggy sure likes the digs for the night. Hope to be on the road again.
Random Line, Ziggy claimd the center roost also and he just loves it.

03 F350 6.0 PSD CC Larait
02 Montana 3280
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