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07-05-2005, 09:49 AM
We're leaving here (Independence, Kansas City) tomorrow (7/6) morning enroute to Hungry Horse, MT. We'll arrive there 7/14. We'll overnight everywhere except at Jim and Mary's RV Park near Missoula, MT, where we'll do two nights so we can get our laundry done.

Planned route is I29 to Nebraska City, NE. NE 2 from there to Lincoln, NE. Then I-80 across NE and Wy into Utah where we'll pick up I-15. At Blackfoot, ID, we'll pick up US26 and take that NW to US 93. We'll take 93 on up to near Hungry Horse, MT.

Overnight stops are currently planned, but subject to change, at

Henderson, NE - Prairie Oasis RV Park

Sidney, NE - Cabela CG Sidney

Rawlins, WY - RV World CG

Ft. Bridger, WY - Ft. Bridger RV Camp

McCammon, ID - McCammon Chevron RV Park (sounds a bit ominous)

Challis, ID - Challis Valley RV Park

Missoula, MT (2 nights) - Jim and Mary's RV Park

Hungry Horse, MT, 7/14-8/14. Mountain Meadow RV Park.

Anyone in these areas who would like to get together please let us know. We have reservations only at the last two so the rv parks are subject to change.

I don't know if we'll have email every night (probably not) but in most cases we'll do email but not web so won't be on MOC much until we get to Hungry Horse. To contact us, click the envelope above this post to email us. I'd hand out our phone number but don't like to put that on a website.

07-05-2005, 07:37 PM
Steve and Vicki, have a safe and wonderful trip. Our drive across 90 was so beautiful and effortless. The traffic was light, even on the holiday weekend. Watch that interstate around Missoula. It's awful, worse than a gravel road in Kansas. When you start north on 93, it's a lot better. We would recommend the drive up the east side of Flathead. Don't be discouraged by the construction as soon as you turn east on to 35. It doesn't last long and the road is great after that. Your timing might be right for those cherry orchards, too.

07-12-2005, 06:14 PM
Thanks, Judy. We're in Missoula now and have 'experienced' that stretch of 90. Fortunately we had only 4 or 5 miles of it. I don't recall it being this way last year when we towed all the way through Montana on I90 going east. Maybe it's just the westbound lanes. I noticed the left lane is far better than the right lane.

I managed to hurt my foot (all healed now), so we were later than planned getting out of Independence, throwing our schedule all out of whack. We did our very first Walmart overnight in Lincoln, NE. Not a very good experience. No generator and it was hot and noisy. Also, next morning our battery was dead as a doornail. I don't think we overused it although we did run the fantastic fan for several hours but when I shut it off around 2 or 3am it was running strong. The battery was 3 years old so may have died a natural death. Thankfully it was just a matter of getting a shopping cart to tote the battery into Walmart for a replacement.

Anyhow, we decided later to make up some time so did an 18 hour stint, including a two-hour nap in a rest area, towing 773 miles from Lincoln, NE, to Ft. Bridger, WY, about 34 miles west of the Utah border. Long hours driving used to not bother me when I was younger and didn't really bother me now until we stopped and I sat down to relax. We decided to stay two nights at Ft. Bridger as we wanted to see the fort and also do the 49 mile (plus 49 back) scenic driving tour through the Uinta (Snowy Peaks) mountains in Utah. Then back on the road. Sunday night was at McCammon, ID, and we planned to stop Monday night at Challis, ID. But the drive was quicker than I expected (heavy mountains on US 93 so I expected it to be slow) and we arrived at Challis at noon. So we decided to just keep going on to Missoula, MT. So that was a 397 mile day. We're now in Missoula (for 3 nights) and Thursday will go on up to Hungry Horse. We're trying to work out with RC and Samantha to get together with them on Thursday as they pass through the area. Hopefully we can get the timing down to do this.

You're having a tremendous trip. Keep on keeping us posted!

07-12-2005, 07:24 PM
steve, I was wondering how your trip through Nebraska was. We have had some Hot weather here. Did you find that hiway 2 through lincoln was a good route?