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Exterior Graphic Care Instructions
The graphic package you have purchased with your Keystone RV was designed for superior durability and requires little maintenance. Please follow the steps below to get the best performance from your graphic package:

1. Wash your graphics with soap and water or car wash detergents. Rinse thoroughly. Do not use abrasive sponges (like SOS pads) or abrasive cleaners (like Comet) to clean your graphics.
2. Start cleaning at the bottom of the graphic and work up, rinsing the abrasive dirt and contaminants away as you go. Starting at the top can leave streaks where the concentrated cleaner runs down the side effectively cleaning that surface area more than adjacent areas.
3. We recommend that you do not wash your graphics with a high-pressure sprayer such as a power washer. Try to avoid the graphics when power washing your RV walls. High-pressure sprayers can contain enough force to lift the edge of your graphic and cause it to peel.
4. Do not overcoat your graphics with clear paint of any kind. Your graphics already have a clear coat over them.
5. Wipe your decal from the center toward the outer edge to prevent from wiping against the decal edge.
6. Do not let gasoline or other fuels drip or remain on your graphics for any length of time. If a spill occurs, wipe off the graphic and rinse with water immediately.
7. Do not use petroleum-based solvents on your graphics. They will soften the vinyl and damage the clear coat and / or ink.
8. Do not apply wax over your graphics, especially if the wax contains any petroleum or silicone distillates. Car wax will not improve the finish of graphics and can damage the surface of vinyl graphics after repeated exposure. If you do wax your RV, wax that has dried along the edge of a graphic can be removed by first softening it with rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs. Be sure to rinse the area after cleaning.

Exterior Graphic Installation Instructions

Below is a step by step guide to successful graphic installation
Surface temperature of substrate should be a minimum of 45 degrees for optimal adhesion and performance.
1. Clean substrate thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol prior to graphic application.
2. Use proper application tool to apply graphic; squeegee for smooth wall; rivet brush for corrugated metal.
3. Remove liner from back of graphic.
4. Gently place graphic in desired application location.
Squeegee vertically in center of graphic towards the outer edges. 5.Graphics can be lifted to removed slack and prevent creases prior to squeegeeing, but not after.
6. Leave protective pre-mask on graphic for at least 15 minutes prior to removing.
7. Remove pre-mask by pulling 180 degrees across the graphic, not 90 degrees away from the substrate.
8. Graphic should be re-squeegeed after removal of pre-mask, especially where removal begins and at small points.
9. Air bubbles can be popped and removed by using a tool with a fine point, like a pin. Do not use a wide blade like a Stanley or exacto knife.

Exterior Graphic Removal Instructions

1. Soften graphic and adhesive by first warming the graphic with a heat gun or blow dryer. Facing graphic to the sun on a warm day will also help.
2. After removing graphic, any remaining adhesive can be removed by using chemical cleaners such as lacquer thinner or citrus cleaner.
3. Make sure to thoroughly clean residue left behind by these chemicals with isopropyl alcohol before applying a replacement graphic.

Furnished by Dale Poling, of Burlington Graphics

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