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Old 05-29-2018, 09:15 AM   #41
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With Thor owning Keystone, jayco, mobile suites, airstream, etc. i fail to see the "heavy competition ' they face. I believe thor Has formed a MONOPOLY in the Rv industry. This is extremely detrimental for buyers. If anythng we need is more competition between different manufacturers.
If 200 busts a sale, there must be more going on than just price. The cheaper one must have something more going for it than 200 dollars cheaper.. If Im getting more for 200, 2000, or 6000 in our case, we will spend the extra money.. if price was that much of a factor, no one would buy a limited, longhorn, king ranch etc.. But id bet there are many more Laramies and lariats on the road than tradesman or lts .. Back in the 1950s many many many more Belairs were sold than Chevrolet 150,s or 210s..the belair was the most expensive model at the time.
If it were really the price that THOR was concerened about, they would reduce the prices. Not use cheap carpet, and cheap parts.. ie trailer king tires, exterior moldings, silicone sealers instead of superior materials.
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Many dealers will look for experienced RV'ers to supplement their sales force at RV shows.Helen and I did that for several years and shows. This is were you will experience the buyers and why 200.00 can and will break a deal. I would suggest that you talk to a local dealer and see if they use RV'ers for RV shows. It is interesting, fun you will make a few bucks and it will be a educational experience.
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I replaced the OEM tires with Marathons thinking I was doing good. My mistake. They were China bombs. Blew one outside of Myrtle Beach. $1400.00 damage. Now have mastertrak. Hoping they prove better. I couldn’t find Sailun nearby.
Safe travels to all
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Old 05-30-2018, 02:54 PM   #44
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Originally Posted by rames14 View Post
Jim and Irene, your last statements couldn’t be further from the truth. The folks at Keystone have listened to the owners and improved their units every year. They follow the forum, know the issues and try to find cost effective methods to address them. I probably won’t change your mind, but I can say, especially after spending three days with them this week, they are as committed as ever to continually upgrading their units. They know their customers well and sometimes we won’t pay more for their unit, even if it’s for our own safety. For some of our members, another brand sitting next to a Montana that’s $200 less because of the Tires will result in a lost sale. They always offered G614s as an option. Years ago they updated the wheels so you could make the change without having to buy new wheels as well. Go back and look at a 2005 unit (we had one) to see how many changes they have made. (By the way, ours had Goodyear Marathons that we’re good, made in the U. S.) And many improvements are a result of the MOC. Sorry about the long post, but the head of Montana personally sat with us to ask our opinions when the 3160 was still on the drawing board. Find that with another brand. We as owners want everything for the lowest possible price. They try to give us as much for our money as they can while hitting the target market for Montana’s. Join us at the Rally in September and see if your opinion changes.
As somebody who has contacted Keystone over issues and issues and issues I can tell you they are worthless during and after the warranty. I have neighbors in our CG that have bought new ones, they are battling service issues and quality issues.

I keep hearing from Keystone people how awesome their products are, sadly the actual product doesn't live up to the hype.
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sad many out there buy discount tires, wheel bearings etc.
as in the old saying goes.
pay me now.
or PAY me latter.

as a commercial driver i used to see it a lot out on the rd. drivers trying to save a couple bucks stranded on the side of the rd with at least one tire gone. (once saw four (yes 4) drive tires on one side all gone, but that was due to one blow out and dragging a chrome fender into the other three.
cheap, lower brands sure can save you some cash... maybe

$100.usd less for a set. but latter?
on my jeep i run best pricing. but those tires get abused (hard core off road thing).
anything for use on the street gets top of the line only.
and after talking to a number of trusted tire people recaps even for the commercial world are dying out. except for most trailers. but at least there you have a second tire on that axle end. and even then $$$$ can be paid out to repair damages due to a blowout.

be safe.
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Old 05-30-2018, 05:10 PM   #46
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Funny, wife loves the front kitchen. So i asked the dealer what will you give us on 15 3610 legacy... He said, "maybe 29000.00". Lol... so in other words, we paid 40,000 too much...
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