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I have just replaced the two 6V batteries in our Montana with new Interstate 6V 225 Ah batteries. The batteries replaced were the same type, one tested at 68% and the other at 72%, and both had only been used for 26 months. Interstate recommends batteries should not be used at less than 80%. With summer travel approaching, I didn't want to have any issues so I forked out the bucks for assurance with reliable batteries.

During the winter months, I remove the batteries from the RV and keep them on a 6V Battery Tender Junior, alternating between them every couple of weeks to keep them fully charged. When we are using the RV full time during the six or so summer months, almost 100% of the time we are hooked up to a pedestal except during travel and occasional boon docking. I think I have done everything correctly except desulfating, which I think may be the reason why I am not getting more than 26 months out of my batteries. Do the batteries sulfate when in use or storage or both? I've see in the Escapees Magazine, an ad for Battery Life Saver, website: www.BatterySolver.com Does anyone have experience with one of these? Talking to Interstate Battery and also Batteries & Bulb folks, they say I am doing everything right.

I also have the Bogart Engineering Trimetric TM 2030-RV battery monitor. http://www.bogartengineering.com I am probably not getting the full benefit from this monitor, but I do not ever let the batteries drain down to 50% or even close.

What do others do to get more life from their batteries? Maybe I should have replaced the lead acid batteries with a different type. Well, next time.

Thanks for the replies.
Larry and Sandy
2015 GMC Denali and 2011 Montana 3400RL

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Keith Schweizer
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6 volt battery charging

I have used Interstates in my existing monty since new and in other travel trailers. Right now I have 4 6 volts ( same ones you have) installed.I had read an article once that said the batteries should be charged the same way they are used. So when I disconnect them for winter storage I keep them ALL wired up as I use them. I keep them maintained with a charger that will put them in a float mode, then a discharge mode then recharge.
So my first set lasted 7 years. One of the four started leaking around a post, so that is when I changed them all out. I now keep them in the trailer in an unheated garage all winter and at the moment they read 100% charge.
The charger is a Pro-Logix, Intelligent battery charger/ maintainer, Model # PL2320 I have been satisfied with this charger as it is a set it and forget it type of system. I do check it through the winter and it works well.

Best of Luck with your new Interstates, Keith
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Lenny K
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I got 7 years out of my Interstate 6v batteries. I am now 4 years on my Trojan 6v's. I desulfate mine about every 3 months even though they get fully charged daily 99% of the time. When batteries are not getting fully charged that is when they really start sulfating. That can happen when in use or in storage. Interstate and Trojan recommend that the bulk charge gets up tp 14.8V which starts the batteries bubbling and really slows down the sulfating problem. Also make sure that you have sufficient water in your batteries so that the plates are covered at all times.
The only thing I would recommend is that you get a 12v battery charger and that way you can charge both batteries at the same time.
Lenny and Ros
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If your montana has the progressive convertor, part of its cycle is to go from 13.2vdc,ie fully charged, to 14.4vdc for 15 minutes every 21 hours to help reduce sulfate on of the plates.
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Thank you for the helpful information.

First of all, when I have the batteries out of the Montana for winter storage, I need to hook them up together and get a 12V charger that has more functions than the 6V Battery Tender Junior that I have been using. The Battery Tender probably is good for keeping the batteries fully charged, but not much else. I check the water levels often.

I have the Progressive Dynamics PD4590 converter. According to an email I received from Progressive Dynamics a few years ago, it has the latest electronics for charging with the Charge Wizard built in. Iím assuming the Charge Wizard is what makes the cycle go from 13.2vdc, i.e. fully charged, to 14.4vdc for 15 minutes every 21 hours to help reduce sulfate on the plates. During the summer months when we are using the Montana, I will rely on the converter doing its job.

One of the functions of the Trimetric TM 2030-RV battery monitor is to see history data; such as minimum voltage, minimum battery % full, maximum charging voltage each day, etc. I will pay more attention to this information, specifically maximum charging voltage each day to see if this gets up to 14.4vdc or even higher.
Larry and Sandy
2015 GMC Denali and 2011 Montana 3400RL

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I uploaded battery information in the files section that might help.
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We have used two 12V interstate batteries on both our Montanas. . We are always on line.The two on our 06 3400 were still OK when we traded for the 13 3402. The two in the 13 3402 are still OK. We do not boondock.
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