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I have a 50 amp surge protection by surge guard from camping world. the question i have is has anyone experience corrosion on the plug that goes in the surge guard. it starts by the lights flickering when the air comes on to the point where the whole unit loses power when the air kicks in. i end up pulling the plug out and having to sand the corrosion off the shore power plug and use a file to get the corrosion out of the female part of the protector. Any Ideas
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What sometimes appears to be corrosion is in fact a result of poor connections causing an overheating condition. If the shore power plug has been used many, many times they can become worn/loose and might not afford proper contact. Does your surge protector do this on all shore plugs or only one specifically.
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Lenny K
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There is a chance also that the breaker for the incoming power is starting to go. But it sounds like Irlpguy has hit on the problem.
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The corrosion is between my cord plug to the surge protector, and not the pedestal plug to the surge protector. also the surge is only 1 year old and the power cord to the unit is a 2014. i didn't have any issues until i started using the surge protector. i end up using brillo pad to remove corrosion from my cord plug then a finger nail emery board in the surge plug. puzzling. and to add this has happened at my old park also. i was thinking of getting a new surge protector but this one works fine except the corrosion.
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We have had our Progressive for 9 years, and have never had a corrosion issue, including 9 snowbird seasons in Florida.
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Make sure all your connections are clean, bright metal then coat with dielectric grease.
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