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I have been reading the forum more that I have posted, solved some problems, & learned about our 2010, 3075RL, which has, all things considered served us well. This isn't meant to be a rant, just a question. I must start by saying that when it comes time for us to replace our Montana, another Montana will be considered first. I have lived through many problems with he unit described in these pages, been lucky as none have been too serious. I have read about cracked frames, holding tank problems, & poor quality construction. Sometimes these problems have had less than a positive response from Keystone, although most times a positive response gets less press. So I guess my question is, after considering all of these problems with the units, why are we so loyal to the brand?
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Go to the members part of the MOC and look at the number of members. The problems, while sometimes severe, are a very small percentage of our members let alone all the units sold. This is the place to come for help so it is a place problems are posted and heard. The other thing you will see at the bottom of many problems and poor solutions is a dealer that doesn't care. With all makes and models choosing a responsible dealer is the first thing you must do. Many folks expect RV dealers to be more like car dealers, but RV dealers sell multiple brands and have little or no loyalty to any one.
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You might be brand loyal I'm not. I buy what is best for me it's my money. If they can't produce a product I won't I'm not doing them any favors in the long run by buying less than the best for me.
You read about cracked frames but Montana didn't build or design the frame Lippert did and builds frames for almost every body. Friends just bought a used ***High end expensive brand, guess what it has a Lippert frame. If you set a Montana beside their camper you would probably choose the Montana. Don't forget all campers are built as cheap as they can be made to look good.
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We were brand loyal because our first Montana was a great rig and great bang for the buck. Keystone was also a factor because of great customer support. We became repeat buyers and were extremely happy with units 2 and 3 and that was our rationale for buying our 2015 which unfortunately has been a disappointment in comparison to the other three in terms of quality and reliability. Keystone support ain't what it used to be either. As a result, our loyalty to the brand ain't what it used to be. Still consider Montana to be a very good choice and we like and enjoy our 2015. Just wish it had not taken 18 months from purchase before all issues were resolved and we were repeat buyers from a good dealership who fought hard for us to make that happen.
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We are not brand loyal. We have had 6 Rv's the first 4 were all different brands the last two were Montana's because Montana had what we needed at the price we could afford.

We have had 6 trucks 4 Fords, 2 Chevy's again we purchased what we needed at the price we could afford. It would be the same drill IF we purchased another Truck or RV.
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We are in our third Montana. Now, I may have a different slant than many. We have remained brand loyal for a number of reasons. First, there has always been a floorplan that fit us as our needs changed. Second, we have not had anything other than minor issues to date. Third, the MOC has been a great source of friendship, information and knowledge. Fourth, Montana listens and changes based on customer input (maybe not as fast as some would like - anyone remember the Quest stereo and remote thermostat?) And last, are the rallies. Between the contacts made at the national rally, friendships made at all of the rallies and the treatment we've received from Montana personnel, it isn't just a brand but a lifestyle. And, I really believe there is a strong correlation between dealer quality and customer satisfaction, IMHO.
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We are for sure NOT brand loyal,you must be crazy to be Brand loyal if you are spending 70K on a 5er we choose Montana 3 Times because they always turn to be the best bang for the buck Every time we go shopping for a new one it is that simple,We almost bought a SOB last time but the TV and Sound System were as cheap as it gets and this is important to us as we LIVE in Ours and it is hard to Change to Quality equipment ,My buddy with a SOB has tried to upgrade from his Jensen/Furrion systems and it hard to do, the TV part is easy but not the Receiver etc...
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We are on our 4th Montana and we are always looking/comparing to other brands. When it comes time to purchase and we have found the Montana to have the best dollar value we buy again.

Do we have problems? Well of course we do, some major, but so do all our friends and family with other brands. If all things ended up equal the value we place on the MOC would be enough to buy yet another Montana.

Darwin & Maureen DeBackere
Minnedosa, Manitoba, Canada
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I've had 3 Montanas since 2000. I wouldn't say I'm brand loyal, but more brand attracted. Unfortunately with the shift towards marketing to full timers, I doubt if my next buy will be a Montana. I don't need a mega fiver and the traditional Montana has few models in the 33 - 35' range. I'm still kinda chapped as well about current Montanas being more of the old Mountaineer version and having to lay out several thousand more bucks for the Legacy Package to make it what I feel is a Montana. I've had a few issues along the way (as with any brand) but Keystone has made them right. One thing that gives me a wider view of the RV world is on the side, I spin wrenches on RV's not being brand specific. I also have close friends that are RV techs. Keystone used to be hands down the best consumer support manufacturer ... It no longer holds that corner above others. There are a couple of manufacturers that offer what I have experienced as an equal level of customer support. Winding this down ... Montana's are still a good bang for the buck in their class. Frame issues, Level Up issues, A/C issues, Fridge issues, Suspension issues, and Slide Out issues are a given on any brand today as most all these parts are made by the same vendors and just installed by the various manufacturers. Unfortunately what we personally view as a Montana has migrated away from our RVing lifestyle.
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I would feel more loyal if Keystone responded faster to unresolved warranty issues. Refusing to answer emails with questions and taking two months to escalate my issue to a knowledgeable support person just does not breed loyalty. Having to make daily calls to them to get their attention is not a desirable attribute. Word of mouth is a powerful sales tool either positive or negative.
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We bought our 2007 3075RL new 9 yrs ago and no problems at all with the trailer itself. Microwave, sound system, and propane red regulator valve failed over the years. Did replace front and rear decals. Sides still look fine. Have done a few mods only because I wanted to, not because I had to. So when we get ready for a new one, Montana will be the first we shop.

Been driving Fords for last 30 yrs. And Chevys 25 yrs before that. Never a major problem with any of either brand. Would probably still be driving Chevys if a salesman had not made me mad. So Fords it will be until a reason to change.

I buy Samsung TVs, DVD players, etc as I have never had a Samsung of anything fail.

And so on. If that makes me brand loyal, so be it.
Bill & Patricia

2007 3075RL
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Old 08-07-2016, 12:11 PM   #12
Mark N.
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"...why are we so loyal to the brand?" I'm not. At all. I have zero brand "loyalty" in my body. As a consumer, I do my research, make my most educated choice, and either live with it, or abandon it.

Next time around, I may or may not choose a Montana. I'm on the wire right now.
I will read articles, I will talk to many, many owners at RV parks, asking the 2 important questions: How long have you owned it, and would you do it again? I will walk through many, many other brands, and I will certainly be remembering everything that has happened to my Montana over the years and the things I have read here. Then, I will choose.
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We're not brand loyal. This 2015 Montana 343RL is our first Montana. We traded in a KZ, which I loved. My husband saw the HC at the Tampa RV show and fell in love. Got totally obsessed with it and moved heaven and earth to make it happen. We've had several issues, some pretty frustrating ones. But, overall we really do like the layout and the features. We're thinking of downsizing just a bit, whether or not we go with Montana again remains to be seen. Feature for feature, Montana does a great job.
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We feel the same as rames14 above. We are on our 3rd unit and no problems with any. We full timed in one of them for a few years.
Dennis & Linda Ward
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Old 08-09-2016, 12:14 PM   #15
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We had several Keystone Cougars in various sizes and models over the years, 3 years ago we found a Crossroads Cruiser that a local dealer (that sold us all of our Cougars) just got in on their lot. We ordered one with all the toys including full paint and all available upgrades, It was advertised with a 2yr warranty bumper to bumper and a 5yr component warranty and thus we bought it, soon after the issues and problems started, Crossroads were giving us issues on everything which the local dealer made right regardless and they continued. In the second year we had significant leaks that continued along with all the small things and Crossroads identified the warranty was no longer valid as advertised. The dealer had issues with most of the crossroads he sold and dropped them, we decided to go back to a Keystone as we had no issues with any of the Cougars other than one inverter on one unit which was replaced immediately no questions asked. We queried our local dealer on what to buy and he told us go with a Montana despite not carrying Keystone at his dealership. We did and we are so happy to be back no fixing something each and everytime we use the trailer. So as for brand I would say Keystone Montana or Cougars..... for my loyality.
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Well I guess I am the minority and opposite of most Montana Owners. I have owned my new High Country 375 FL Country for 11 weeks. It has been in the Warranty Service Centers for 5 of those weeks. I checked out every dealer in the area and all seem to have few searchable complaints so I chose the biggest of the three. My list of issues never seems to get shorter and all three local dealers refuse to work on some issues stating Keystone will not authorize it or pay for it. It has taken many days to finally get my case elevated in Keystone to someone that says they will fix the issues. I am in my late sixties and I am not ignorant in finding good dealerships. If you are buying a Keystone and the dealer sneaks in a paper stating that You the customer will not sue them for warranty issues not fixed by Keystone You must back out of the deal immediately. Most of my issues are very minor, door fit, holes in shades, rattling hub caps, water leaking into rear screw channels, grey tank drain leaks, and Air conditioning that will not cool ore than 8 degrees from the 85 degree Michigan temperatures. If the dealer had been on my side it would have been fixed in a week but I had signed my right to sue the dealer away. BTW it is the largest family owned RV Dealer with 11 locations in 5 states. So all of you that have never had an issue are extremely fortunate to not needing any repair.
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Well I guess after having 3 Montana's and never been in for Warranty work just minor stuff I fixed myself I AM the Luckiest man on Earth and I am going out right now to buy a Lottery ticket , you do not see People that have few problems Post How Awesome their Monty's are as that would be Boring to read it is mostly people who have gotten a Lemon and Want to vent or Folks that just have a issue they need help with and we are all willing to help with advise to fix it and get them back on the Road again, but believe or not the Majority of us are Happy with our Monty's and do not have massive problems You are just one of the Unlucky Minority and that does stink James,Montana builds and sells a BOATLOAD of them every year and there WILL be Lemons like any other SOB
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Manufacturers make it hard to be loyal now days. Customers do as well. It's a two way street, and I think both have decided what's the use. The end result is customers suffer the most when problems occur. There's always another customer walking in the door as long as a brand can stay in the "they're no worse than the others" territory.
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I love my Montana this is my 3rd and for the most part all 3 have been great. I would buy another if I wanted a new rig. I am lucky the dealer here in Lake Havasu City AZ (Sunshine) is great to work with and will do warranty work and knows how to work with Keystone. Just my 2 cents.
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Bigskyjimmy we will both buy lottery tickets when one of us wins we will split it. Seriously people have different expectations. We make and sell ammunition reloading equipment. At least 25,000 power measures. We sold one to a guy that found at least 25 things wrong. One was the handle wouldn't stay either up or down. I can understand the handle no staying up. It rotates about 190 degrees 5 degrees past center. If you jiggle the table it will fall. The problem with that is the handle should never be left up. Gravity holds it down. How would it get back up. That is impossible. I'm not saying that is the problem here but I know when people find one problem they look for more problems and find them. Now no matter how minor a problem it's still a problem.
Lynwood Harrell
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