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Length of Ownership

Just returned from 3 week trip through Canada passing through Goshen, Indiana. Had to stop and take a tour of the Montana facility. An issue came up during the presentation which I find hard to believe. According to our guide, rv owners on the whole will switch rigs about every 2 to 3 years. Just from an economic standpoint that makes no sense to me. Being retired and living on a pension, the thought of coming up with about $60 K every few years is out of the question. Am I missing something or does this ring true for most of you?
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I think there are several on the forum that are in the 3-5 year range, but 2-3 years for switching is really pushing it. And I couldn't see going through all the quality issues every two to three and not knowing what issues you were going to face. I still go to the tampa rv show each year as I want to see what is going on with all the manufacturers, but I haven't won any lottery bucks yet to allow for a casual buy. John
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He was being a salesperson. Maybe RV owners as whole but not Montana owners as these guys are expensive. We have had 4 Hard side RV's in 25 years .We had one for only 1 year another for 3 years but they were lower priced TT's. We had our our 06 Montana for 7 years. We now have a 13 3402 Big Sky and we might this year have all the bugs worked out.
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8 yrs and counting on this one. Considering trading up, but nothing firm yet.
Bill & Patricia

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10 years and still going strong . 2005 MONTANA 3295 RK
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Maybe those that are getting new ones earlier have had issues and want to start with a new slate. Other line of thinking is that some people just like to have new rigs and can afford to do that or they just owe more than most owners. I usually keep things for quite a while as you can see by me still having a 2000 F350 SuperDuty. Our 3160 will probably stay with us for quite a while also unless we find something we just can't live without.

I am sure salesman would like us to trade up each and every year.

Tom Marty

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I'm with the OP. We are coming up on 7 years with ours. While there are many new and exciting things at the Tampa show each year, free money is not one of them! I keep the rig up as best I can and dream of a lotto win!
Walt and Carol Ashley, with fond memories of Bailey the Chesapeake! Land O Lakes, FL
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We started out once we had an empty nest...with a 19'TT and a Tundra with a small 8. Much too small. Next year upgraded to a 32' TT. Also upgraded truck to the 5.7L Tundra. Worked well for 2 - 3 years. Upgraded to the 3791 RD Montana this past April. Upgraded to a GMC 3500 HD in 2013.

No plans to chg truck or camper for many years.

Just took us a while to figure things out. Had no idea our grown kids and their spouses and families would also join us often...with the grandkids.

Lesson learned.....go big.
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Mark N.
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If you are including $4,000 tent trailers, and those little teardrop pull-behinds, then perhaps. If you limit it to 5th-wheels, I call B.S.!
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I get the itch every couple years but refuse to scratch. There are a few things I'd like in a new rig but know once I buy I'll find a few other things I wish it had or wish were different in some way. I did replace a truck camper after one year but knew when I bought it I'd probably replace it right away if I enjoyed that type of RV (I still own the replacement after almost 11 years).

If you think it's hard to get everything you want in a ~38ft 5er try a TC. Lots of give and take with such limited square footage and weight.

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Artemus Gordon
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We plan to upgrade every 4-5 years. It makes the most sense to me. The key is not over financing a rig and being buried. That why you need 30% off MSRP or your upside down with a 20-25% down payment. Like cars, RV dealers can take you out of one and add your negative equity back into to rig. Paying cash is great but you still need to buy the rig right in the first place. That's my opinion for what it's worth.
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I'm with Artemus on this one,about every 4-5 years for us as we are fulltimers,and they come out with nice improvements ,as long as we have a good down payment and we also get good money for our trade in because we take really good care of them,4-5 years works for us
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We made our first 5er buy in 2006 and have no plans to spend more for a shiny, double refrig,etc. rig anytime soon. Yes, the outside looks like it is going on 10 years but even a $4000 paint job is better than $65K or whatever a new one costs as well as a new truck. We tend to take care of our cars, home (only owned 2 in 44 years)and add to that boats and RV. Just the way we are. Other folks dance to a different tune that is OK with me.
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What he is saying is somewhat true. In 2002 and 2003 when I was studying to become an RV technician, our main instructor told us in the beginning that on national average, RV owners trade or, buy a new RV every 3 to 4 years. Thinking about it.....I fall in that category.

It started in May of 2004 with a new Outback Sydney Edition. Then, in March of 2005, that was traded in for the 2005 Challenger. Nothing happened until July of 2013, we purchased a 2014 Starcraft 229TB for framily to use. Then, came October 2014 and one of the last 2015 Mountaineers. The Starcraft we do still own. So, that is 4 units in 11 years?

Yep! He is correct.
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I tend to buy like new and keep for a long time. My 2001 2955 I bought in 2003 for $25000 and kept it until 2013 and sold it for $12000 and bought my 2011 HC for $32000.
Lynwood Harrell
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We swap every five years, and if we shop right each time, not too painful financially. The move from our 2010 to the 2015 was $23K. We have bought five trailers from the same dealer and they take care of us. We snowbird in Florida for six months each year, and figure what the heck, we use it, we enjoy it, and we deserve to spoil ourselves.
Mike and Lorraine
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We try every 4 or 5 years. Works good for us. We travel 5-7 months a year.
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We have had 2 SOB's and 3 Montana's over the last 25 years. 1st Montana was a 2004, 2nd was a 2012 and this one is a 2013 and we will have it a long time. Finally got everything the way we like it and the perfect floorplan for us!
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IMHO, anyone wanting to buy a new one after only two or three years ownership is pouring money down the depreciation drain. It's the same as for cars and trucks. Even at 4 - 5 years, you're putting an awful lot down it. I've owned eight RV/trailers and never let go of any in less than four years (that one was because we had outgrown it with kids). What I've experienced is that it takes at least a couple of years to get a unit tweaked to where I'm happy with it, and then I want a few years to enjoy it. Only reason in my mind to sell or trade is if there's a major problem that I don't care to try fixing or I'm certain I won't be using it for several years. And from what everyone's posted, that RV salesperson's story is just another myth - only one of you said you did that, a few were at 4 - 5, and everyone else was way past it.
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We failed to add in our reply on a earlier post that we do not take on large debt for a RV. We saved and paid cash for our 06 3400 and we will save enough for a large down payment if we need to finance. We do the same for the Tow Vehicle. We are not saving for another RV.
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