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Actually yes the Big Horn had ST G rated tires, fact is all the Big Horns at the local dealer over 35ft had G rated ST tires. On another note a month or so later and really loving the 3790, been 8 hrs North on very rough roads into the bush 60 miles or so, just got back from a trip to the Finger Lakes of NY which was a 14 hr return trip and no issues at all. The new Duramax Chevy did an awesome job towing it and the trailer towed like a dream. Very happy and nothing we would change which is a first after a month of use. Except the tires of course which I will do next spring.
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G rated tires are an option. They should be standard. Fortunately caught that while unit still at factory and was able to upgrade in time.
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Is the load range of the tires the issue, or what?
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Hello All : I have learned far more from this site than I could speaking to any RV. Tech. We have 2016 3790RD with legacy package Bought in June of 2015 and it was made in April 2015. Not sure how that works. Have had and still have lots of problems with our unit, but be persistent and patient. There is a Montana forum strictly on air conditioners that was most helpful Our would not cool more than 4 degrees F when on after 4 hours. The A/C unit is fine but its the ducting that we have had problems with. Remove the air vents that come with the units and am going to replace with #8841 air deflectors with trim ring. These swivel to direct flow and are louvered so that there is amazing amount of air flow past them. Plus you can close them off to deflect air to another room Available from DW Industries Elkhart Indiana phone 574-264-9674 . Less than 10 bucks per deflector. To test I removed the existing ones and sat in the lazy boy for 1/2 hour and it cooled nicely so am replacing all 9 in ours. You may also have issues with leaking ducts which may or may not be repairable without removing the ceiling. Some have removed their deflectors and insert pieces of plastic pipe ( cut to about 6" lengths) and inserted a number of these in the duct to heighten the duct and aid flow. The Norcold 2118 SS 18 cu foot was a nightmare from day 1. Left door had to be replaced because it would jamb at the bottom of the cabinet. After replacement we found that the black movable jamb on the left hand door would not come to 90 degree point to seal between the left and right door when both are closed. Milk would last 2-3 days maximum vegetables about 4-5 days.The temp would range from 31F to 46F inside the refrigerator. Still working with the dealer on it but replacement with a regular residential ( not Norcold) fridge seems to be the issue. Working on our 3rd Interstate battery after less than 1 year so still working on it too. Water drains from toilet bowl after flushing Dealer says let it "snap" shut manufacturer says don't as it will damage the pedal mechanism.
If you are having any other problems ask me and will do my best to help out
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I think you (and we) would be better served if you had made this a new posting (or several topic specific postings) and not tacked on to the end a 3790 model specific (at least when it was started). The issues you pointed out are not unique to the 3790 but exist in all of the current models. Here it tends to get lost and will be hard to find later with the "Search' function. That said, I do have some questions/comments.

quote:Originally posted by kench

...There is a Montana forum strictly on air conditioners that was most helpful Our would not cool more than 4 degrees F when on after 4 hours. The A/C unit is fine but its the ducting that we have had problems with....
Where is this Montana forum on A/C?? I suspect you are talking about one of the categories here on the MOC (Maintenance, Additions & Improvements or Repairs & Service???) where there has been a lot of discussion about A/C systems? The part numbers and references are terrific and worthy of a posting by themselves.

....The Norcold 2118 SS 18 cu foot was a nightmare from day 1...
The Norcold is another frequent issue. Are you saying that after replacing the door(s) the flap wasn't closing and that hasn't been repaired? Temperature fluctuations inside the refer can be due to a number of causes: thermistor; door seals not tight; outside temperatures; direct sun on the back of the refer; exhaust fans inop; improper ducting at the top of the refer where it exhausts; etc.

Good luck on convincing Keystone to replace it with a residential model at this point. That would be a first and we sure would like to know if it happens.

...Working on our 3rd Interstate battery after less than 1 year so still working on it too....
Keystone doesn't provide batteries, the dealer does. What type of problems are you having with your Interstate batteries? It is hard to believe you got three bad ones in a row. The cause has to be elsewhere.

...Water drains from toilet bowl after flushing Dealer says let it "snap" shut manufacturer says don't as it will damage the pedal mechanism....
There are ongoing problems with the Thetford toilet. A Search on Thetford here will show you are not alone. Unfortunately the current Thetfords are basically a POS. You can replace the valve, seals and/or foot pedal and cure it for a short time. But the problems will re-occur. Wait until the inlet valve doesn't totally close (just enough to seal but not shut off the water) and you flood the bathroom, bedroom, basement, and more. The best answer is a replacement with a Dometic 310 or 320 (my preference).
Carl (n Susan) Youngren
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We took delivery of our '16 3790RD Legacy Package in April and enjoyed the time we've had it. Problem is, not as much as we should have. This unit has been back to the dealer more times than both of our Sandpipers and Vortex combined. We now have a flex in the left front of the camper that has broken the caulking on the left front. The sidewall had actually separated from the frame and has already been re-glued, now has to be taken back to the dealer again to have the bedroom slide removed and the front panel taken out, the broken weld(if that is what is actually wrong) repaired and then sidewall replaced.
The new Jensen control system has a problem when moving the hydraulic slides. Both 50Amp resetting breakers have been replaced, but the slides stopped 14 times day before yesterday when extending them! A new update is being sent to the dealer to try and correct this problem. The AC ducting system stinks in these units. Removed the vents and still will not cool on hot days when unit is in the sun. Even on 85* days in the shade, it struggles. Montana and Dometic claim that the AC units are operating at the correct temps, but the air flow is the problem and no one will try and come up with a fix. Forest River use this same system in it's new units and have already came up with a mod to the system that have made several owners much happier. But Nothing from Montana. I've been severely disappointed in this unit with the AC and the broken/pulled away sections in the sidewall, but the floor plan and storage is excellent. We've had no problems with fridge or any other appliances. When/if all the warranty things are repaired, I might change my mind, but as of now, it is a big disappointment! One of the other things that was severely disappointing is that they didn't even put the brake lights on the camper evenly spaced on the back! Everyone that stands behind it notices it. Poor quality control in that aspect. We replaced the mattress with a brand new one from a local dealer. Same one we put in both of our Sandpipers.
I know, I know, there are bad apples in any brand or company. What's troublesome is that no one from Montana will talk to you. With my FR units, all the way up to the Chief Engineer would pick up his phone when you called. With Montana, they won't even return an email. I've since learned that is how they prefer to do business, it's just different than what I've been used to.
Of the points I've brought up, the most troubling is the AC system. At best in the summer, it will only drop the inside temp about 10* which Dometic says is normal. The Jensen system and the damage in the nose/sidewall can all be repaired as they have people addressing it as I type this, but no one wants to talk about the AC system at all. By the way, I too have a problem with the black tank valve. Corrected that the way that was mentioned prior by putting on another valve for control on the end of the drain.
If the AC system is addressed and a cure is found that increases the air flow, this will be my favorite camper on the market. It just has issues for now.
2016 Montana 3790RD Legacy EditionOnan, TST TPMS, TrailAir pin, 8k Disc Brakes
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As I have noted before, the dealers are Keystones' customers...we are a customer of the dealers. That is why they wish to deal with dealers on someones montana issues. Long dark colored units need a lot of help to cool a unit and that's why I am seeing more of them come with three ac units and electronics to allow all three to run. Can understand why you are feeling pain now. Good luck on the major issues. John
2012 F350 6.7 L dually, 2013 3800RE with 6 pt leveling, Sumitomo 17.5" load range h tires, Samsung 18 cu ft residential fridge, 8k Morryde I.S. with disc brakes. Full timing since 2012.
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