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New Delivery Checklist for 3750FL - Need Topics


Getting ready to pick up the 3750FL in the next few days. Looking for insights from your experience as to topics I need to cover while at the dealership. I've read topics like "Check for any recalls" and "be sure to have all manuals" or "get instructions on "x"". THis is my first fifth wheel after having a 40' Newmar Pusher for a couple of years. I'd like to pull a larger consolidated list together so please send any thoughts or suggestions as I prepare.

Thanks again, I appreciate everyone's kind feedback.

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The first thing to do is to go to the home page from the top menu and download and/or print a PDI checklist. They are applicable to all models. The only real thing that is different with regards to the 3750 is the airbed. Have them set it up in front of you and double-check that the air bed is the proper size and fits as it is supposed to. This is wide-spread problem. I am sure others will chip in on what they have found, but the best advice I can give is to use it extensively during the warranty period.

Bingo and Cathy - Our adventures begin in the hills of WV. We are blessed by our 2014 3850FL Big Sky (previous 2011 3750FL and 2007 3400RL) that we pull with a 2007 Chevy Silverado Classic DRW CC dually.
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I know everybody Is simply going to point you to the pre delivery inspection check lists here... http://www.montanaowners.com/RVRelatedLinks.html#pdi

I will list the things I found wrong with mine to maybee help you.

My windows... the ones that crank open did not seal shut all of the way
The refridgerator did not work
The under pinning to seal up the bottom has some gaps between it and the frame in some places.
No o-ring the black tank flush connector, it needed the simple garden hose o-ring.
Some plumbing leaks, the cold supply for the sink and the drain in the bathroom.
There was a small hole in the awning.
A cabinet door was scratched pretty badly
Remote was missing.
Some of the trim work in the bathroom looked shoddy.
The kitched table had a severe wobble.
The rear ladder needed to be sealed better where it screwed to the back cap.

Youll only find this stuff if you take your time and look at everything. Luckily we spent the night at the dealership... twice to find it all. Lazydays did make everything right. It did take a little while but im all good to go now.

Hope that helps you!
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capn chris
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Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) checklists aren't easy to find, so here's the link to the page where several are listed.
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There are several PDI checklists to chose from. The links below are just a few of them. The first one is the one that we will be using when we pick our new rig up in a few days also.

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We really like our 3750. On tuesday, I am taking ours back to have 2 slideouts adjusted. Rain water is leaking in when we are driving, splashing on the ceiling, lights and wall. I think it is due to the gasket not sealing tightly. The labels for the holding tanks were not correct and the black tank handle and linkage fell off! Of course this was after a 4 day weekend. We had a 5.5 hour drive over the pass, then later to the dealer... They have fixed everything and love our Monty.
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Check the inside door knob on the bedroom door. It appears ours was sheared off when the bedroom slide was retracted, and the door was not completely closed.. When we did the walk-thru, the door was open, and was not noticed until the bedroom door was shut with someone in the bedroom. Kind off hard to get out at that point...
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Good point Boje,
That has to be quickly learned as rule number one in a 3750. Do not retract or extend slides until the door between the bathroom and bedroom is visually checked to make sure it is latched shut. I saw a display unit at a dealer where the door itself was sheared off of the door frame.
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Captain Joe
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While you are there, try to take advantage of the time there. Many times when purchasing, dealers will sell you add ons for cost and install them for free. We were able to get our second A/C unit, door screens for the dogs, outside insect screens for the water heater and furnace. We even swapped out our hitch. Our 3750FL was pretty error free, except for the two recalls. Enjoy!
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Parts Ed
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Make sure that all drawers that open when the slide(s) are out-are fully latched before you leave the lot. We did our walk-thru with salesman and everything, went and did paperwork, hooked up and headed for home. Drawer below the fridge came open and until you open the slide you couldn't walk back there, upon opening the slide guess what got broken?? The drawer and the slides!! After about a month of fiddling around with the dealer got a new drawer and slides for free.
Installed a child-proof latch on the inside of the drawer so if it does come open it is only about 2 inches-not enough to get caught in the slide.
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Tires seem to be an issue on many models. I know ours were a few years old on a brand new unit. Worth a peek IMHO.

1 Locate the DOT numbers on the sidewall of the tire. These numbers always start with the letters DOT, which stand for Department of Transportation.

2 Check both sides of the tire. You will notice that one number has four extra digits to it on the end.

3 Determine which side of the tire has the longer DOT number and read the last four digits of that number. That is the tire stamp date.

4 Decipher the tire stamp date using this easy formula: 0108 would indicate that the tire was manufactured in the first week of the year 2008; 1208 would indicate the tire was manufactured in the 12th week of the year 2008. This formula applies in a two-digit format to start the number of the week it was made, starting with 01 and ending with 52. The last two digits of the number indicate in which year the tire was manufactured, starting with 00 for the year 2000. There's a slightly different format for tires manufactured prior to the year 2000, but since those would be over nine years old, it's a pretty safe bet to assume they're beyond their expiration date. It might not hurt to find out if the tire you're looking at has a manufacturer's expiration date, if applicable, and determine whether that would expire before the tread wear of the tire being used on your vehicle would.
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Check that you have the correct airmatress for the forward pull out bed - ours was wrong, mfg fedexed the correct size for us.
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