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running light

where can i get running light for the side of camper? i want to install stop,turn and running light around the wheel area.
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There is a previous post on this subject. I did the mod to my Big Sky when I had it. I'll try to find the post. Mid turn lights, some one else might know also. Kerry
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I installed those and purchased them from ranch & home. You can find them at most auto parts places, truck stops, WalMart, and so on. Pretty inexpensive if I recall correctly. I did it a couple of years ago.
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My question is, can you put a red light on the side? I thought they had to be yellow on the sides.
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Tom S.
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Yellow in front, red at the back. I don't know about the middle - maybe orange (red & yellow combined LOL).
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For color of lights, Red to the rear, Yellow t the front and the sides. The very rear running light if on the side should be red. I added extra side running and turn singal lights. These are the ones I put on the Monty. http://www.grote.com/product.php?product_number=52063

They are a three wire which you will need for turn and running lights. They are bigger than the stock type lights. You will also need a turn signal converter, as if you just hook them up to the stock wiring, they will work as a turn signal and running light but if you apply the brakes they come on as brake lights. Also when wiring the converter make sure you have the right wires connected. Had a pre senior moment the first time I wired, had if backwards. Because it was wired backwards when hooked up to the tow veh, the truck was telling the there was something wrong with the brakes and would not let the engine start.


The wiring loom from the pin box runs down right next to the batteries and then into the belly, in a 1" black plastic split conduit. Just reach in the conduit by the batteries and find the green and red loose wires (left and right turn). Verify with a test light. T-Tap those wires with leads from the converter marked for left turn/stop and right turn/stop (T-Tap: connect to the factory wires, but let them continue to carry current to the factory taillights). The converter input also has a third wire for ground, which I grounded with the battery cable ground on the frame right next to where you are working.

Output on the converter is left turn, right turn, and stop. The stop wire is not used and should be taped or protected from grounding. The left and right output wires go up to the frame in the front of the compartment, then straight out to the LP compartments where the forward marker lights are. Remove the 2-wire marker lights and replace with your new 3-wire mid-turn lights (ground, marker, turn).

You will have to run wire for the mid turn. I used a 100 ft outdoor electric cord 3wire 18 gauge. Worked great takes alittle time to run the wire. Sorry but have no pictures.

2006 Montana 3650RK with Improvements.
2014 Ford 6.7L PSD 4WD CC LB Dually & Hadley's.
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I did this mod too. Originally I had planned to install them at the wheels, but after some further thought, I put them where the front side marker lights were. I felt this would be more visible to traffic who were coming up beside me because it is both higher and further forward. (It is also easier to get at the wires because they run through the propane storage locker). I did not put the signal converter on, but perhaps I will now that I have read the above post. They are amber (yellow) and work as both signal and marker lights (dual filament). I bought them at an auto parts store here is Ontario, but I am sure you can find them at any auto parts store, and also at some truck stops.
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Clyde n Deb
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Think the proper placement vs. color is actually governed by the DOT. I have seen some diagrams regarding this based on the length of the trailer.
saw it on the internet when researching some stuff dor my car trailer.
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Yes, you all are right about the DOT rules... the rear and rear corners must be red, the sides and front must be amber or clear with an amber bulb (not red).

I added a red running light at the rear side corners of my Monty but it only has the running light - I did not add a light (nor the wiring) that also supported the blinker or brake. These rear cornering lights are so far at the back corners that I was able to tap into the tail lights wire on either side. I figured that was all I would need. Adding wiring for the blinker/brake would have been nice, but more work than I wanted to do.

I think you can have the blinker function at the wheel areas (after figuring a way to run the wire and you'll need a converter to separate the brake/blinker in order to isolate the blinker function. But I believe location is too far forward to be a red lamp so I don't think you will also be able to have the brake function since it will not be red.

Maybe someone knows the legal distance from the rear of the coach to locate a red light. If I find it I will add it to the post. This will have to meet all states (and Canada or Mexico if you are adventurous enough) laws.

On edit:

After a quick search on the internet I found this little bit of information in a DOT guideline from September 2008:

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
49 CFR Part 571
[Docket No. NHTSA-2008-0154]

" Reflex reflectors: one red on each side as far to the
rear as practicable, one amber on each side as far to the front as
practicable (SAE A)
Side marker lights, one red on each side as far to the
rear as practicable, one amber on each side as far to the front as
practicable (SAE P)"

No mention about lights in the middle of a trailer. I'll keep looking.

On 2nd edit:

Another search and I couldn't find a DOT guideline but here's the one for California on side marker lights for a trailer.

Reference: VEHICLE CODE SECTION 24950-24953

24950. Whenever any motor vehicle is towing a trailer coach or a
camp trailer the combination of vehicles shall be equipped with a
lamp-type turn signal system.

... then a little farther down

24953. (a) Any turn signal system used to give a signal of
intention to turn right or left shall project a flashing white or
amber light visible to the front and a flashing red or amber light
visible to the rear.
(b) Side-mounted turn signal lamps projecting a flashing amber
light to either side may be used to supplement the front and rear
turn signals. Side-mounted turn signal lamps mounted to the rear of
the center of the vehicle may project a flashing red light no part of
which shall be visible from the front.
(c) In addition to any required turn signal lamps, any vehicle may
be equipped with supplemental rear turn signal lamps mounted to the
rear of the rearmost portion of the driver's seat in its rearmost
(d) In addition to any required or authorized turn signal lamps,
any vehicle may be equipped with supplemental rear turn signal lamps
that are mounted on, or are an integral portion of, the outside
rearview mirrors, so long as the lamps flash simultaneously with the
rear turn signal lamps, the light emitted from the lamps is projected
only to the rear of the vehicle and is not visible to the driver
under normal operating conditions, except for a visual indicator
designed to allow monitoring of lamp operation, and the lamps do not
project a glaring light.

Note: This infers that only the rearmost side lights can be red the center must be amber.

I hope this helps!!!
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