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Tip 03 from Wingnut0946

Greetings again to all those out there who LOVE the smell of coffee at 5:45 AM Sunday mornings!! (And a "Howdy Yall!" to everyone else who finds that funny pillow smell quite satisfying until AFTER the sun pokes it's head up for a while.)

First off, it's come to my attention that there is a new design in the Duo-Therm climate control remote thermostat, and it seems that some of the units seem to be off by around ten degrees. I do not know the cause of this problem, but I will be looking into this issue further during the week. I will make a posting of what I learn, if anyone wants personal notification please feel free to send me an e-mail or P-M, whatever suits you best, and I will get back with you with a personal note.

With that being said, time for the goodies!!

Today we discuss a tiny, almost harmless insect that most RV
owners dispise with a passion. These critters cost RV owners
tremendous amounts of american (and sometimes Mexican or Canadian)
tender every year. NO, not the termite, this little bugger doesn't even really DAMAGE anything (directly anyways), they just do their own version of "Home Improvement". If you guessed the Dirt Daubber, you're right!!

Just in case you've been extremely sheltered or live in a terribly cold climate, the dirt daubber is a wasp-like flying insect that builds nests out of mud, captures and paralyzes spiders (therefore they are also known as spider-hunters, spider-wasps, etc...) and puts the vegative and soon-to-be-dinner spider into the nests with it's eggs for food for the developing larvae.

They build their nests in secluded, out-of-the-elements places like
crevaces in rocks and trees, under the eaves of houses, old barns,
and ALSO in places like on the fan blades of your Coleman A/C (causing a HORRIBLE vibration that's loud and shakes the whole trailer), in the exhaust of your furnace, on the cooling blades behind your fridge, and literally EVERYWHERE else that you wouldn't want them to go.

More often than not the bug-and-mud ball is more of a nusance than a danger, but they COULD cause a gas fire from a stratigically placed mud ball inside an LP tube on a water heater or gas Refrigerator, or an electrical fire from a cooling unit having air flow obstructed. These problems can be limited by placing a mesh windowscreen material over any openings that they can get into such as the access to the rear of your refrigerator, the exhaust port from your furnace, inside the shroud of your A/C unit.

This will help reduce the number of nests in unwanted locations, but it will NOT eliminate them. Some of these bugs are WAY more determined than you ever could dream of being. (the existance of their species depends on their ability in accessing the insides of our RVs, didn't you know that?) No matter HOW bug-proof you try to make your RV, every once in a while one WILL find its way into your unit. Even then, removing one, two, or three nests a year is much better than having to chisle out baseball-sized clumps of nests out of every nook and cranny. Take these precautions and this issue shouldn't "bug" you!

Getting you better informed about what follows your trucks...
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Old 09-11-2005, 06:40 AM   #2
bob n pam
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Thanks, Wingnut. Always good to know where to look for hitchhikers.
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Are those the same mud bugs that make nestes in screw holds, such on a porch lights?
Your comments are very welcome and helpful. Thanks for your post.
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Old 09-11-2005, 11:57 AM   #4
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I had a nest as you mentioned in the propane compartment this summer.Did no harm
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Thanks for the great info.
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D and M On The Road
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Wingnut0946... thanks for your tips and we hope you keep 'em coming! We also want to give you an extra thanks for breaking them down in to easy-to-read paragraphs. We both have some trouble tracking horizontally when a post is very long.

We appreciate you taking the time to give us tips!

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