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quote:Originally posted by taboo80

Can anyone recommend a good aftermarket tank replacement manufacturer and or anyone tried using an aluminum tank?
Urine is extremely corrosive therefore no metal tank of any kind should be used for sewage
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I need a galley tank and a gray water tank and I'm looking to make this a one time only replacement, with that said is there a better replacement tank available?
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You might want to check out Icon aftermarket specialty products, www.icondirect.com, 1-888-362-4266. They do tanks as well as other stuff. I would ask if their tank quality is better than what is used by keystone to see what their comment is. John
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To the best of my knowledge I have never heard of a fresh water tank bursting. We have always carried at least 1/2 tank of fresh water and have not had a fresh tank fail in 10 years. I would find out what material they are made of.
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Old 08-12-2016, 03:33 AM   #25
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When I first joined the MOC there were threads about grey and black tank failures. Based on the fact there are probably thousands of Montana fivers out there in use it didn't seem like they were probably any worse at this sort of failure than some other brands. However, I paid attention to all the postings about the failures in an attempt to try to avoid them.

I know it is popular to hold water in gray tanks in preparation of dumping your black tank, and we should all be able to control our systems that way. But early on I decided to leave both grays open and never put any undue pressure on them. I installed a Flush King and use it to back flush both grays. The Flush King is also used to back flush the black tank every week. I never travel with anything in the black or grays. I just decided early on that I would not put any pressure on these thin walled tanks, especially after I saw photos of how they are mounted and secured.

Should we be able to bounce down the highway at 65mph with full gray and black tanks? Certainly we should be able to do that and not expect any failures. Should we be able to camp in one spot for 4 months and not expect a holding tank to split no matter how full it is? Of course we should. The fact is there is a small number of these tanks failing. The number of failures is probably too small for Keystone even to take notice or consider changing their quality or mounting methods.

If I was in Richfaa's shoes I probably would never consider another Keystone product. But in reality are their tanks any worse than others?
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good points. We avoid traveling with anything other than empty tanks also
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Fresh water tanks are made with FDA Approved Polyethylene Vs PVC used for Waste Water
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Most trailer manufactures buy tanks from same source. They buy from low bidder
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How about going with a Rotational Molded tank.
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I always travel with fluid in all tanks and dump when i get to the next CG, this way the tanks are all stirred up. Haven't had any troubles, knock on wood, but mine is an 02 so as the saying goes they don't make em' like they used to
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When I dump and Flush my Black tank I always make sure my 2 Grey tanks are Almost full as it Works AWESOME for Back flushing the Black tank ,after I make the initial Dump and flush of the Black I CLOSE my End termination valve and let the Grey tanks loose for about 30 seconds and it goes back up into the black tank then I open the end valve and you would not believe how much More comes out of the black tank after the regular Factory flushing ,it puts a Flush King to Shame and I have never had a tank Blow having my grey tanks full to do this
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This is not our first rodeo.Been pulling Rv's for 25 years and Montana's for 10 years.We never had a holding tank failure in our first 4 Rv's all different brands.We never travel with anything in our tanks execpt for maybe 1/2 full fresh water tank.We never had a fresh water tank failure.We normally leave the galley and gray tank valves open when stationary only closing them when we are going to dump our black tank.We dump the black tank every 2 or 3 days.We have been doing this since we owned Montana's prior to that we dumped when the gray/galley backed up into the sink or tub and the black when the tank was full.

We are just among the few that get defective holding tanks. Unit goes in bext week for holding tank repair/replacement We will not have another holding tank failure in a Montana.
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Rich, So sorry to hear about your tank failure. I can't imagine the frustration. Hope the repair/replacement goes well. Hopefully we will see you both at the rally. If not, we understand.
Best Regards,


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We will be at the rally would not miss it for several reasons. Sent you a PM.
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I've had to patch my Grey Tank twice using Plasti-Mend. I can only keep the Grey Tank closed for 2 Days/4 "Navy" Showers to prepare for dumping the Black Tank and flushing the hose. 3 Days will blow it.
The Galley tank is routinely overflowed (washing too many dishes!), but its never broken - usually goes a week, but not always.
Black Tank only broke after accidently overflowing it with the flusher once, is always good for a week of use.
Sure wish the tanks were built to handle the maximum fill along with a little more versus "low bid" ABS "junk".
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Old 10-12-2016, 10:11 AM   #36
Sally Newberry
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I'm so sorry that you're having this happen again. We're currently dealing with tank issues too. We just got our FW back 2 weeks ago after having the black tank replaced (I'm told this is the 2nd replacement black tank for our camper). We went camping for 3 days over Columbus Day weekend. Our site didn't have sewer hookup so we just used our tanks. Everything seemed fine until the morning we were hooking up to go home. Gray water started leaking out directly underneath the middle of the camper. Then all of a sudden it started spilling out just behind the front stabilizer. That's when we noticed the underbelly was bulging underneath the camper. When my husband pulled the camper forward it was on a slight incline and all of the water came gushing out just in front of the wheels. Needless to say we had no choice but to sit there and let it go (thank god it was gray water & not black). We took it to our local (100 miles away) not-so-trustworthy Camping World AGAIN that day. They say the tank is intact but they "think" that maybe some pipes got knocked loose when they were installing the new black tank. So, basically all weekend the water from the shower and bathroom sink was draining into the underbelly of the camper. We're still waiting to find out what the exact problem is.
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That is so typical, I took my 2013 3402 RL in prior to leaving on our trip the end of August. I told them the gray tank was broken as I saw the crack with hair hanging out when I replaced the screws holding the underbelly up with stainless steel screws. He said they tested it and found no leaks. I questioned him about it and he stated that the tech tested it a second time, at an additional $150.00 fee. Now I am on the trip and guess what the gray tank is leaking and not just a little. We left Boise, ID 6 weeks ago and will be in Maine tomorrow. All the camp grounds are starting to close so will be heading south to Pensicola Florida for December and January. Will attempt to get the tank fixed while there. Does anyone know of a good repair shop in the Pensicola area?

This is my second tank failure, first was the black tank and was a much bigger problem. This is only a minor inconvenience so far but still needs repaired. Stongly considering a better aftermarket tank if cost and time is not prohibitive
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quote:Originally posted by richfaa

Yes another holding tank failed. The gray tank blew with a bang that shook the RV.Yes it was full or close to it.It did not back up into the shower tub or the sinks. Why are they called holding tanks.

We usually leave it open but closed it two days ago to help flush the black tank as we are leaving in the AM.

That is it. We are done. Just curious after all the tank failures you`ve had do you think you should have changed your method of using them. Did after the third one let you down do you think they should have been strapped like the manufacture recommends.35 years and never so much as a drip but I strapped them and never over filled them either.
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Well, well I am not the only one who has tank failures and multiple tank failures. I guess mnay of us do not know how to use the holding tanks. If you over fill a tank does it not back up into the tub, sink, john. I guess not because mine just blow without over filling them.
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Had my gray tank leak this summer when I was dumping and my wife was taking a shower. Rest of trip left valued closed and only dumped when needed. No leak or issues. Took in and they looked and tried to replicate. They called keystone. Keystone said haven't heard anything. They could find nothing wrong. Couple hundred bucks later no one knows. Told them I had water bulge and water coming out and I really had an extra couple hundred to waste.
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