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Old 11-14-2009, 06:06 PM   #1
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It's really cold here-Brrrrr..

Well thank you all for answering our questions about supplemental heating devices. We settled in on a Pelonis ceramic. It is small but puts out incredible amounts of heat. Camping world price was about 79.00. So, with heater in hand and full propane tanks we headed off this morning departing from Folsom, CA. As I type this we are settled in Elco, NV. It is 10 PM and our furnace is cycling every 6 minutes or so [set at 68 degrees]. The new ceramic heater is on full bore. The overnight temp here is being predicted [by local weather channel] as dropping to 1 degree! so we have some urgent questions;
1. we did hook to the campground water supply and used water out of several faucets. And then for safety as we ready for bed, I unhooked the outside water supply and drained the hose [plan to hook it back up in the morn]. Our on board fresh tanks are totally empty. Our grey tanks have a few gallons. Do we have to worry about the Monty plumbing freezing this evening? We are headed for Salt Lake tomorrow and it will still be cold but in the 20's and 30's [little better].
The other question is that if I have both the R and L propane bottle valves open and if one bottle runs out overnight-will the other bottle continue interupted supply [without me getting up and turning the selector valve to the other bottle]? I know, you would think I would know this already. Too much warm weather camping [and imagine that -I grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan!!

Jim-n-Kathy and Sami the covered up [tonight] Lab
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Old 11-14-2009, 06:42 PM   #2
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Jim, not an expert on this but I think the propane situation is correct. If both tanks are on and one goes empty the other one should kick in. Just make sure to watch the gauge for the red mark so you can refill the empty one.

In cold weather I usually leave water in the fresh tank so if the campground water freezes we have water in the morning.

I believe as long as you are running your propane heater the tanks should be OK for short periods of time. Usually it warms up in the day and the tanks are fine, but don't take that to the bank, it's just what I think.


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stiles watson
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If it were me, I would put a few gallons in my fresh water tank to be used over night. The furnace should keep it from freezing and you would have it use with your pump in the rig while you are without outside water pressure. If you don't have an insulated water hose with heat tape, then you were wise to unhook and drain your hose. Keep a hair dryer handy for thawing.

If the propane system is working properly, when both valves are open, the flow will automatically shift to the full tank when the other empties without you having to switch the selector. The selector determines which will be used first.
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Old 11-15-2009, 04:00 AM   #4
Seasoned Camper
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Thanks folks. The propane tank info is great.
So, now it is morning and we survived a 5 degree overnight. The RV stayed as warm and cozy as we could have hoped for. I left the furnace on 68 and the Pelonis heater [5200 BTU] wide open [placed in the rear living area]. It felt like home. Very comfortable.
Unfortunately the water did not fair as well. This is an 06 2955 and it does have the artic pkg. And, I did not fill the tanks but I did used park water last evening and disconnected and drained the supply hose. This morning I verified that I had park runnng water [their supply is heated]. I connected to the RV and opened all taps and zilch-not a drop. So I took the hair dryer and roasted to death the RV fresh water inlet at the hose connection. As I type this I am grabbing my towel and heading for the park showers [ugh]. I can only wonder where the freeze block is and if I have bursted pipes. Anyone out there dealt with this type of sitch-or have advice as to where the blockage is?

Jim in Elco, NV [enroute to Salt Lake and ID]
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Old 11-15-2009, 06:04 AM   #5
Wayne and Carolyn Mathews
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Jim, I replied to your no-water post under your other topic. You can find it there.

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Same as Wayne, I posted to the no water post. One thing that is a GREAT improvement on the new RVs is that are plumbed with PEX plumbing and this was designed to take freeze situations without bursting. The old copper would blow out at the drop of a cold hat. they are even offering PEX plumbing in new construction homes in the far north (Wi,MN, MI, PA, NY) and the other "Tundra" area states. Good stuff...Dave
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Army Guy
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Something else - we close the upstairs pocket door about 3/4 as this will help keep the heat in the BR better. I also have a small ceramic heater set to a timer to go off about 30 minutes or so before waking to take the chill off. I keep my thermostate set to 60 at night and we have been wintering in Kansas for the last 3 yrs without any issues. I keep a weather station in the br with a remote sensor in the water hook up center to monitor and have not had any problems. I do keep the fresh water tank 1/2 filled as a back up and even with heat tape on my hose, I will turn off the outside water supply when temps are predicted to be single digits. We love camping in the cold weather and have not had any issues. Enjoy.
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Old 11-23-2009, 02:33 AM   #8
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I know this is a late post but we usually fill a number of plastic milk jugs with water and put them in the shower when we travel in cold weather. That way we always have water even if the CG does not.
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