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No, no ,no, you guys just don't get it. 3 separate teams of engineeres from 3 different manufactors spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars designing these trucks. Then the unfathonable happened...they all miraclaciously came up with the exact same 10,000 lb GVWR! B. S. GVWR is an arbitrary figure used by the manufacturer for their benifit. In the case of a 3/4 ton it is mainly for registration and licensing purposes. For 1 tons it is a figure that they feel will cause them the least amount of warranty repairs. Explain to me how 1 extra "magic" spring can substantially increase the GVWR when all other components are the same. I'd wager to bet that a 3/4 ton with air bags is safer than a 1ton SRW. It is axle and tire ratings that you don't want to exceede. As far as getting sued, they have to prove that you being overweight contributed to the accident. If you are driving a 3/4 ton with air bags and are within the limits of a 1ton SRW of the same make and model it would be hard to argue that over weight contributed to the cause. If you need a dually then you should get one, but not everyone does.
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All I know is I bought the biggest baddest ram for 2017.. aisin, 4:10, auto level..I don't even weigh my rv..385 hp, 900 fob. Torque.
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For some, the biggest, heaviest truck is the most suitable. if you want to boon dock and carry lots of batteries, generators, solar equipment, fuel, water, etc. there are many, many choices for you. If you are like me, and drag your hotel room (Monty) to another location and go about enjoying the sites and amenities of the location, your tow vehicle does double duty as a daily driver. I quite like having a TV that can park at any city parking meter or parkade as well as competently tow my rig. To my knowledge, I have the absolutely shortest TV that can tow my rig. Since GM didn't make it that way, I had to modify the spring pack to have a double cab, standard box, that can handle a 3000# pin load. The GCWR of my rolling combo is 24,500 lbs. , which is 3000 lbs. more the actual. I travel light. My rig crosses the scales under 14,000#. My TV fits in my garage for the summer. In a total season, I doubt that I spend more than 180 minutes backing my rig into stalls. I am quite comfortable concentrating for that time to ensure that the rig doesn't hit the window. My aluminum Andersen hitch seems to help me in that end, (it also only weighs 35#). I expect that the folks that tow with a HDT are very happy with their choice. Obviously, from the responses, the folks that tow with a one ton long box dually, are very happy with their choice. To each their own. Set your priorities and have many years of happy camping.
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Originally Posted by dfb View Post
HOGWASH! First, anyone can be sued for anything. Second, the person AT FAULT is the liable party. Lastly, I wish folks would stop with this..
Now, get the weight of that truck BEFORE you buy. My guess is that the weighs in at near 9000 lbs with fuel and two people and hitch. If the Gvwr of that 3/4 ton is 10,000, the weight of the pin is too much, as it leaves 1000 pounds of leeway.. Do yourself a huge favour, Get a 1 ton dually long bed.. I DO see many GMS but i have no idea what the tow ratings are.. i do think the new Generals are more tow capable, whereas it was FORD AND RAMS..
I did not state it, did not think I had to ( read between the lines) and assume the accident was the fault of the over loaded tow rig.

You are right, everyone should know ALL the (real world) weight #s of the truck and camper that they want to tow and purchase a truck capable of towing the rig you want/have safely and within the trucks ratings. If the truck you have is not up to par to tow that monster fifth wheel, choose a smaller/lighter unit.

But the fact is most don't do it. They just wing it and do whatever they want.
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Yes!. I blame dealers at the car lots and the rv dealers. Also the owners who dont really care. Also, ignorance..
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thinking more about this... I think the whole problem is the new math and everyone wins idea.

Everything is over engineered, safety first. That doesn't mean you should try to find the amount it is over engineered. Quality is a statistic, not an absolute. Meaning that 99.99% of the time it won't break, blow out, etc. You might be the 0.01%. Plan ahead, learn what you can about how to handle the emergency, no you can't handle them all. I found this on skids - "For a rear-wheel or all-wheel skid in which your car starts to spin out of line, “Steer into the skid,” which means steer to the same side the back end of the car is sliding towards. During a front-wheel skid, straighten the steering wheel." What you do depends on what kind of vehicle you have.

Safe Travels
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