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Old 09-17-2005, 09:55 AM   #21
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For what it's worth, we had our first blow out in 5 years on our Montana on September 9th, 20 miles east of Terre Haute, IN on I-70. Shoulder parking was almost nil. A kind Indiana Trooper came up and parked back of us with his lights on so that traffic had to move over. I don't know how much they moved over because I had to replace the left rear wheel and it felt like the vehicles were brushing my shoe laces.

Anyway, the tire that blew was a new Bridgestone tire and it blew right through the tread. It did no damage to the rig. We heard it blow and I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that it had gone down. I slowed down immediately (I was traveling about 58 mph) so no damge was done.

I'm just guessing but it seems to me that it really doesn't make any difference what brand of tire you have on your rig. They'll all blow. I'm very meticulous about my tire pressures as I check them each morning before we leave where we've been parked. My tires all call for 80 psi (cold).
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Old 09-17-2005, 10:14 AM   #22
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I can not remember the last time we had a tire failure on our car or truck.Been driving big heavy busses for the last 6 years and never had a tire failure, yet it is a common occurrence to have tire failures on campers. What are we doing wrong???? Is it that we are negligent, is it a design characteristic of campers, is it low quality tires..Something has got to be the cause of the high tire failurs rate on campers.
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Old 09-18-2005, 04:00 AM   #23
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Sorry to hear of your tire incident, but glad you two are okay.

I'll relate my tire experiences here in case anything will help others. I had one flat and one blowout on my 2002 Montana, then later discovered the spare tire rim was cracked where the center round piece joined the outer piece (I'm sure there's a technical term for this!).

The first flat tire simply deflated as I rolled into a rest stop on I-90 in SD near Chamberlain in August 2003. It turned out to be defective and was replaced under warranty, plus a little $ from me for tread wear.

The second incident was a blowout, again on I-90 but it occurred one state west, near Sundance, WY in July 2004. (What is it about I-90 in the summer?) It blew so violently there wasn't enough of it left to determine the cause. I was later told the tires on my trailer were rated for a passenger car, not a trailer. They were General Tires, but sorry, I forgot the load rating and other specifics. When I asked Keystone about this, they denied ever using that brand of tire on Montanas, and claimed the first owner must have put them on. So I replaced all 5 tires with Cooper load-rated D tires.

The next month, I discovered the rim that had been on the spare and now was riding on the right rear (replaced the blowout and wasn't swapped back to spare) was cracked and wobbling while going down the road. A kind man stopped me on a very busy freeway in northern Illinois to let me know, and changed the tire for me. It was a good thing it was on the right side or he would have had more than his shoelaces blown away by passing traffic! I replaced that rim and put it back as a spare just before trading the 2002 for a 2005.

I haven't had any tire problems in the 12 months I've had this Monty - knock wood - but I'm very careful to check tire pressure and heat (using a neat IR thermometer from Radio Shack - thanks HamRad!). The tires are Tacoma Trail AWT load range E.

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Old 09-20-2005, 03:10 PM   #24
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Has anyone had a blowout in cold weather or only in hot weather? Mine was on a hot day after a lot of miles.

One thing I wonder about. I know some of the tires are obviously blown out. Like HamRad's. You can tell that by looking at the picture. But the one we had on our Jayco Eagle totally shredded the tire (see below). But did this tire blow out? I am not sure. I didn't even know it was gone until someone flagged me down to tell me. I could not see it (right rear tire) in the mirror nor was there any sway or any telltale sign that something back there was not right. It could have been that I picked up a nail and the tire deflated. I then drove on it for who knows how far until the rim totally shredded the tire. So I wonder how many are true blowouts and how many are simple flat tires that were shredded by the rim because nobody knew there was a flat tire back there. Just a thought. I really don't have an answer.

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Old 09-20-2005, 05:20 PM   #25
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Your tire looks very similar to the one I had in the very same location. Totally shredded, and I didn't know it until a motorhome behind me started flashing its lights. The people said they saw things start to fly apart and slowed down to avoid anything that might hit them. That's what made me think it was a blowout, but it possibly could have been a simple flat that was run too long. Turned out I lost the fender and pieces of the lower roll panel, and the spring holding all the electrical connections (now replaced by a clever plastic device that moves in and out with the slide) wrapped itself around the axle. Interesting... Are our Montanas too stable for their own good?
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