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Old 01-03-2017, 10:53 PM   #1
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Water Filters

Don't bother with the Home Depot brand HDX charcoal water filters. We used a new water filter cartridge at 3 different locations in California. Each filter clogged up within a few days. A filter cartridge from their major competitor cured the problem.
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I quit using the charcoal and high end ones just for that reason. Use the string types to get rid of sediment since we have a gravel filter at home to do the same for our well water. I check the filter every few weeks while we're traveling, but usually only have to replace them once or twice a season.

In all the years of traveling & camping, we've only come across a few CGs that had noticeably bad tasting water and we just used bottled for drinking & coffee then.
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Old 01-04-2017, 03:19 AM   #3
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I've used two filters and a water softener for many years. I use the Camco in line and a Whole house filter. The inline catches most larger particulate before it gets to whole house filter
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Old 01-04-2017, 05:48 AM   #4
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I use a 3-Stage filter from the water filter store. stage 1 is a particulate 10 micro reusable filter, stage 2 is a KDM 5 micron, stage 3 is a .09 micron absolute ceramic. I then fill my fresh water tank which I sanitize every couple months and use my water pump to keep great pressure. I have had no issue with any water. Stage 1 and 2 have a 1-3 year life span and stage 3 has a 5-7 year span.

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Since my Montanas never had ice makers we always used the cheap blue in-line filters from Walmart. While full time we changed them every couple of months. We drank and cooked with bottled water though. Now with the MH it has a rather expensive whole house filter. We still drink bottle water though. With all the issues in different parts of the country with water quality I just don't trust campground water.
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We use the Camco EVO 40631 with the replacement 40621 cartridges. Wall Mart,Amazon,or most RV Parts store.
In 36 Years of Camping we have never drank or cooked with Campground Water
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Old 01-13-2017, 05:00 PM   #7
kenneth e holman
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There are a lot of people with elaborate filtering systems on there rv's but i also choose the camco inline filters as i don't drink or cook with the campground water either.
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Old 01-15-2017, 08:21 AM   #8
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We use the EVO and the throw away blue one from Wal-Mart together. Cook, drink, brush teeth, make ice, etc. No issues.
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Old 01-16-2017, 12:27 AM   #9
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Throw away blue one here also. full timing for over three years and change it when the pressure starts to fall off.
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Old 08-01-2017, 03:51 PM   #10
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Since 1969 we have always used campground water and we are still here in pretty good health. we used a particulate and a carbon filter for 6 years, but have never noticed any difference, other than thinking i was doing a good thing.
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Old 01-05-2018, 06:50 PM   #11
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RV waterfilterstore.com. They also carry multiple filters for the different water you may encounter through out your travels
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Had waters filters and water softener in our last house 20 years ago. They just seemed like a hole in the ground to pour money in. Have not used any in our home or RV since with no negative impact. Seems like they just have good marketing departments.
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Use the water filter store. Florida water smells and taste really bad and use the filters to get the smell and taste out do not use filters anywhere else.
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Old 01-06-2018, 10:57 AM   #14
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pin box

Started to use a whole house particulate and then to a whole house charcoal as pre filters then into a water softener then to the water tank or just to the faucet. Retired, helps keeps me busy. Wife likes the soften water for her hair, and we all know what that means.
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Seems like where we spend most of our time in the RV is in Az and Southers Ca where the water is very hard. Leaves lots of scale on the shower head and faucets. I use a softener and a filter in both the rif and stick house. Seems to help.
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Old 01-11-2018, 08:27 AM   #16
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In the S&B drinking / cooking water is filtered as wifey likes it. In the 5er I use the blue throw away but bottled water for drinking and cooking. I've had a few RVs with in house filters. After the 1st one they were all bypassed. Nothing but a problem waiting to happen.
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Old 01-23-2018, 06:37 PM   #17
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I use the Campco in-line blue ones to keep sediment out.
Mostly to the faucet seats but then we use a Britta pitcher to get the good taste. Works very well.
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Old 01-29-2018, 10:55 AM   #18
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Water filtration

I have read some studies that show after bottled water sits in high heat (delivery trucks - warehouses ) it absorbs some of the chemicals from the plastic container and can be more harmful than most tap water. Do not know if this is true. I installed a reverse osmosis filter for drinking and cooking. Have been well satisfied. Use the blue whole house filter for all other usage.
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Old 01-29-2018, 11:21 AM   #19
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I use a Berky light filter have been for years.
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