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Peg Jack
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Satellite dish

Please help, DW and I just sold our stick house,and are now full timing. I would like to have Satellite for my 2009 3400 5er. I would need HD and the NFL network as well as Center Ice for my Pittsburgh Penguins. From what i have been told, if i am traveling i can't get the sports packages i would like form the Dish network, but i could use Direct TV. Now the problem. Direct TV said you can't use a splitter with the system, so i need to have a direct line to all three TV's and would have to drill some holes to do all this, and also they said it is very hard to acquire a Satellite because of it being portable. There is a portable Satellite dish by Winegurd called carry out. This is compatible with Dish network with HD but again not the sports package, where as Direct TV is ok to use but it does not come with HD. I know i'm being very particular but would like to have it all. I guess i could just go with Direct TV and not have HD, but i still could get the sports packages. any suggestions would really help. I am not very technically inclined so please use laymans lingo. Thanks

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Peg Jack,
The DirecTV dish --- even the 3 LNB one --- is easy to use. On average it takes us about 15 minutes from the time the tripod hits the dirt/grass/cement to acquire a signal. After a few times setting it up you would be an 'old pro' at it. Don't let someone scare you off of that kind of setup.

We have the DirecTV system and have the RV waiver that allows us to receive both east coast and west coast feeds. Very nice to be able to watch programs 3 hours ahead of time.

Peggy and Jack I can't help you with the HD or the Sports packages since I don't have either. I guess HD would appear a little better than the standard but we've seen the HD and while a bit more definition we are perfectly happy with the SD stuff. This is all simply a personal choice. I believe DirecTV does have HD that you can get on the road. As I said earlier we have a 3 LNB Antenna and there is a 5 LNB one also. I suspect the 5 LNB is the one you need to get the HD. Perhaps someone will come along and educate us both on this issue. I suspect the 5 LNB would be a little harder to aim but certainly not impossible. Just would need a little practice.

Good luck.
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The Winegard Trav'ler dish will get all the HD channels and from what I have heard all the sports channels. It mounts on the roof and uses GPS to locate the satellites. You can hook up 4 TV's to it.
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Peg Jack,
I would think you can get the packages you want with Direct. I do not have the packages you want but know they offer them.

Now the question is do you want to use a tripod setup or do you want to have a Winegard SK-3005 Traveler that is a one button setup. The tripod setup costs maybe $250 vs the roof mounted dish at about $1500. It is not as difficult to setup a tripod as the DTV installers tell you. RVers do it all the time. With a little practice it can be done. You can also make a simple satellite pointer to help you locate the satellites with ease. With a pointer like this I have setup the tripod 5 lnb HD Slimline dish on a regular bases without using any meters.

With Diplexers and switches you can have three tvs. I do not know if your 09 is setup like the 10s. This would make the difference in how the three tv hookup is done.

If you go to a shop that sells satellite systems to RVers they will know how to accomplish what you want to do. Most all areas that have snowbirds will have shops like this.

I know I am not giving you a specific answer. That is hard for me to do not knowing exactly how your 09 is setup. Example is it an Anniversary Edition or the standard 09. There would probably be a difference between the two. I had three TVs in my 08 2955RL. It can be done by several different methods.

I know there are others out there that is doing what you want to do and someone with an 09 will come along with a DTV setup that can easily give you a specific answer.

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Peggy & Jack,
I'm not sure why Dish cannot get the sports package with a portable antenna. They only use 3 satellites (well East cost has a few also) 110, 119, and 129. I have dish network. Although I do not subscribe to the sports packages I do have HD.

I have the Carry Out antenna. In my case, it comes just before the Peanut Butter invention. I can have it set up in less than 10 minutes, and there is no need for a second try. I used to struggle and struggle and struggle with the portable dish, and in some cases I just said forget it and gave up. Dish Network setup is more critical than DirectTV, or so I have heard.

I have the VIP722 receiver. I just pull it out of the stick house and place it in the RV, as many do. Dish would like to have you rent a new receiver for $5 a month. Since I'm not connected to the phone line when I take it on the road, they sometimes charge me $5 a month until I connect the phone line back at the stick house. I do not subscribe to Distant Networks for the National Feeds. I'll use the antenna or cable, and if it's not available, it's not a big deal as most episodes of what I watch can be downloaded and viewed on the big screen.

A splitter will not work on the Winegard Carry Out. It will work on a portable dish antenna. I used the splitter provided with the VIP722 receiver at the stick house. The advantages are being able to watch independent stations on two different televisions. We typically watch the same stations so we do not need dual receivers. The Winegard Carry Out has two outputs, and yes the second output would have to run to a second receiver, or the dual input of a receiver. I have not tried the dual input, but I'm going to do so soon. The Winegard Carry Out is a single LNB. Whenever you tune to a channel, it will automatically switches to the correct satellite. I don't fully understand yet how a second output off of the Carry Out functions.

On your RV you most likely have a "loop" somewhere in the line. This loop feeds both television by going through a TV splitter. There are some drawings on this forum for some typical wiring instructions.
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I have Wholehouse DVR from Directv at my house, it uses a single LNB and 1 cable coming in from the satellite dish. I have 3 HD DVRs and 1 HD receiver, I can watch any recorded show on any receiver. I also get all the HD channels, give Directv a call and I'm sure they can fix you up. There is no need for more than 1 cable coming in from the dish or more than a 1 LNB and 1 cable to the receivers.
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