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Unhappy Setting up DISH.

Bought a Wingard satellite last May. This is our first outing since purchasing it.
Naturally, the setup was not as easy as we hoped it would be.

Our first call to DISH last 90 minutes. After speaking to four different techs, we finally had service. YEAH!!! The next morning, we decided to hook up our second receiver. Two hours later and talking with five techs, our first receiver no longer connected and our second did not either. DISH techs said it was a problem with our rv not the satellite or receivers.

Two days after talking to several other campers, we called Wingard. Wingard had us take the satellite to a local rv dealer who sent it back and we are now waiting on word from Wingard.

DISH was no help in my view!
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The first time we went camping with DISH, after setup we watched TV that night. The next morning the Hopper would not start up. I was sure the box failed before I called but it took me several hours and several people before a tech said that it was the box. Sent me a new one overnight. They are very proud of their customer service, but I am not, and I told them that in the survey they sent out after the problem was fixed.
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PNW Fireguy
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We have Dish service with a Hopper 3, two Joey 3's, Winegard Travler and a tripod mounted 1000.3WA. We have had to send our Travler back to Winegard this past November. It was a very frustrating time but Winegard did the right thing and fixed our issue to our satisfaction. With regards to Dish service I have to say what I am finding is that most issues are related to the Montana wiring or Travler installation. Once we go the wiring straightened out we have had zero issues with Dish programming or signal. One cable run from the Winegard for each device needed. Whenever we go to a new area simply call them or chat online and request to change our locals package. 3 minutes later we are up and going. I keep the information I provide to them to an absolute minimum.
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As PNW Fireguy noted, it has more commonly been a problem with the trailer internal coax wiring than the equipment. Lots of discussions on here about the problems and solutions.
Bill & Patricia

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It would also help if we knew the year and model of your rig and whether it has one of those new Key-TV things.
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Old 02-14-2019, 05:02 AM   #6
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I have used Dish Network for 11 years now and it works great. On the RARE occasion I had a problem their customer service came through for me. Currently using aq Hopper3 being fed by a 1000.2 dish with a EA Hybrid LNB with a WA Hybrid LNB as backup if necessary. I have never had a satellite in my possession.
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this is why I went with a Wingard traveler ON my trailer. It saved my marriage!

DISH can't help, you need to understand where the stats are and then how to connect the cables.

Good Luck. Buy a traveler, save your marriage:-).
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Originally Posted by DQDick View Post
It would also help if we knew the year and model of your rig and whether it has one of those new Key-TV things.
some of the earlu 2019s did not get the Key TV or Furrion prewire for WIFI/cell booster
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summer home
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On our 2017 375HC we had similar issues with DISH not working right until I ran a dedicated, new coax inlet into the bedroom for the second receiver.... now everything works OK
Just wish we could be on two satellites at the same time........
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miton 5052
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GWe've had our tailgator since 2009, you have to run a direct connect to the box .the Sat and cable coax connections were mislabeled so don't count on them. Just get a testor and a coax crimper and go to work, I know, why would you have to do this, after paying such a price, for what you thought should be done right in the first place? That's your first mistake,learn to do it yourself, then you know it's done right.
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I've had similar issues with DISH support. I spent several hours with them trying to get a second Wally receiver set up. Finally gave up. One thing I was never told. In order to receive local channels (at least here around Dallas TX) you need to be on the Western Arc and when you hook up the second receiver it defaults to EA. This cannot be changed. When it's on the EA, you don't even have the ability to receive many of the channels you pay for. I pay extra for locals AND the news stations like CNBC/CNN. None of those channels come through on the EA. So they told me my options were that I need to only run a single receiver at a time so I could get the WA, and the channels I paid for.

Seems like this is something I should have been told before I purchased a second receiver, thinking I could watch the same channels no matter how many receivers I had hooked up.

Maybe I'm just missing something but the experience so far has been less than great.
Scott & Luanne
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We also had a problem with our Dish / tailgater. Several hours on the phone with Dish, and no luck. Found out that my neighbor used to work for Dish so he and I set out to find the problem. Ended up being several barrel fastners in the run to the main TV and a portion that looked like a nail had been driven through it. We reran new coax up to the entry point of the coach (where we did use a barrel connector) and all works well for that TV. As for the bedroom TV, we started looking into it and ran out of time (and energy.) Might relook into it once this winter weather subsides some.
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Dish is my choice

We had dish and the tailgator for 5 years with very few problems. We bought new phones from AT&T and were convinced to switch to directv. After 6 months of not being able to open the directv app on my phone, and spending over 6 hours on phone with tech and over 3 hours in AT&T stores I finally had enough. So far I have been able to cancel service with directv with no penalty payment which would have been $240. AND Dish is giving us $300 gift card for coming back.
I had sold my tailgator in the meantime but was able to buy a newer used one for less than 1/2 what I sold mine for.
I am so happy to be back with Dish!
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Old 02-20-2019, 08:31 PM   #14
DebNJim B
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Set up the dish tailgater with Wally this week but had to run it thru the window and directly to receiver to get the sats. Then connected to house wireing and next day it couldn't finish set up. From what I've read here before I'm guessing it's the house wireing, too many splitters. Moving to my main winter base in two days. Once there I will tackle the wireing and remove splitters and see if that fixes the problems. At base I have rock solid wifi so we stream more on Netflix and Prime so the sat isn't so important. Anyway I need to get Hallmark working to keep DW happy.
Jim B
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Old 02-20-2019, 08:36 PM   #15
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I went into the convince center ran a new rg6 cable back to the tv. It works perfect.
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