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Old 07-25-2019, 01:12 PM   #1
Jay Bird
Montana Master
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Keystone Service Tech Site Visit


["]Please read the following carefully and submit the requested information by 26 Aug 2019 [/]

This thread was developed for planning purposes, to get people registered and an idea of the 2 most critical repair issues you have.

Keystone will have service technicians at the fairground for 4 days during the rally to perform onsite repairs. Your name will be posted here to let you know I have placed you on the contact sheet to be sent to Keystone. You will be contacted by cell phone to set up an appointment date and time. No appointment dates and times will be posted on this thread.

This is a courtesy by Keystone. They will fix 2 and I repeat 2 problems at the campground if possible. If they cannot repair your items someone from the management team will contact you and discuss what actions will or will not take place.

A note from Keystone. Out of respect to your fellow MOC members we need to do everything we can to stay within the 2 item list. If it is determined that more time is needed, together we will decide on the best method for resolution.

If you do not see your name on the list within two days of your posting please reread the post to ensure you have provided all the requested information. Your place on the list does not constitute the order in which you will be seen. Each of you will be contacted by cell phone and a date and time for the advisors/technician to be at your site will be established.

Please provide the below information:

NAME: (First and Last Name)
VIN# Last 8:
Site #" (You may not know this at the time you respond. No worry I will take care of this)
Arrival Date:
Cell Number:
Item #1: (Please give a brief description of your 2 most critical issues you would like repaired.)
Item #2:

Some of you may not want to put your cell number in a response to this post. I understand. You can send me a PM with your information. This is important for coordination between you and the Service Technician.

Again the suspense for this information is 26 Aug 2019

1. Rob Hardin
2. Tom Windman
3. Mike Cagle
4. Ron Smith
5. Henry Savage
6. Steve Bischoff
7. Ray and Pat Gries
8. Larry Fischer
9. Garry Bryant
10. Robin & Astrid Bierworth
11. Paul Russo
12. Mike Freitas
13. Richard Dube
14. William Brewer
15. Larry & Cheryl Zill
16. Stuart Clink
17. Richard Montgomery
18. Paul Kelpe
19. Ron Lichtenberg
20. Paul Recker
21. Robert Hill
22. Brian & Cindy Stevens
23. Anthony Tramontano
24. Daniel Lazenby
25. Emil Jeeninga
26. John Michaels
27. Larry Earl
28. John Pecha
29. Bernard Arellano
30. Bill Landin
31. Stephen Lynch
32. Jerry & Laura Thorsell
33. Robert LaForest
34. Larry Moore
35. Rom & Pat Akom
36. Marc Gisleson
37. George & Brenda Tyson
38. Larry Oxford
39. Jim Fischer
40. Sherry & Ron Cade
41. Dave Jarrad
42. Jim & Glenna Jones
43. John & Sheila McNeely
44. Jim Schlee
45. Ron Hoop
46. Carolyn & Mike Luptowski
47. Arthur Minor
48. Ron & Rhonda Marlin
49. Bruce & Justine Bright
50. Bobby Melton
51. Scott Zenonian
52. Dan Healy
53. Joe & Penny Gavin
54. Ken Hermes
55. Michael Darnell
56. Danny Graves
57. Monty & Jeriann Parks
58. Bill Woodson
59. Jim Ronchetto
60. Keith Humphreys
61. Max and Beverly Dow
62. Wally Huber
63. Roger & Joni Weed
64. Rus & Maureen Leverich
65. Jim Campbell
66. Charles Evans
67. Rick Say
68. Ron & Terrie Ames
69. William Balinski
70. Len Sesko
71. Jeff Bauknecht
72. Len Sesko
73. Jeff Bauknecht
74. Derek Merritt
75. Henry Mogler
76. Gary & Jennifer Kelly
77. Dennis Harris
78. Mike Schilling
79. Ed Dewitt
80. Larry Toews
81. Wayne Plybon
82. John Church
83. Richard & Diana Paul
84. Mark & Vickie Church
85. Ken Cook
86. Dennis & Donna Ziegler
87. Mark Loveless
88. Mike & Wanda Loveland
89.James Pion
90. Sandra Jackson/Ed Behnke
91. Stan Wisniewski
92. Steve & Mary Ottenwess
93. James & Denise Foreman
94. Tom & Kim Mecomber
95. Blake Sheppard
96. Roy Dittler
97. Robert Medina
98. Chris Pavka
99. Russ Klueter
100. Terry Ashley
101. David Moss
102. Jack Vier
103. Bob Ottke
104. Buster Foster
105. Drew Greiner
106. Doug Carey
107.Pat Knapp
108.Larry Williams
109. David Hill
110.H.John Kohl
111.Niel Patterson
112.Chip DeLuca
113.Rick & Sharon Harlow
114.Rick & Joyce Jones
115.Frank Tietgens
116.Ernie & Linda Owen
117.Richard Carter
118.Steve McCoy
119.Tim & Carey Wildman
120.Vaughn Blackmore
121.Steve Hurst
122.Mike & Marie Campbell
123.Joe & Ann Loosier
124.Joe Bogumil
125.Paul Holbrook
126.Jerry & Joanne Finklea
127.James & Patricia Bertrand
128.Donad Thomas
129.Gary & Patty Babcoke
130.William Van Nuys
131.Jim & Sandy Grubb
132.Carl & Sandy Larupe
133.Bill & Page Lawson
134.Dan Ankeny
135.James Doege
136.Ron Chapin
137. Royce Baden
138.Herbert Teigland
139.Steve Hetzel
141.Steve Miller
142.Paul Reiley
143.Sharon Strungis
144.Kevin Rock
145.William Mast
146.Jo & Jonnie Walker
147.Mike & Vicki Black
148.Jeff Smith
149.Dave Shelter
150. Stacey & Karen Ferguson Wall
151.Jean-Paul Cayer
152.Larry Ambuehl
153.Pat McFarland/Ben Taher
154.Don Wood
155.Charles Dana
156.Larry Stetz
157.Scott & Heide Wargo
158.Daryl Simpson
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Old 07-25-2019, 02:01 PM   #2
Established Member
Join Date: Sep 2018
Location: Watertown
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M.O.C. #22588
NAME: Robert Hill
VIN# PM sent
Site# Unknown
Arrival Date: 9 September
Cell Number: PM sent
Item #1: Soft floor in kitchen/ possible storage area leak
Item #2: Awning separating from camper
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Old 07-25-2019, 02:23 PM   #3
Seasoned Camper
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NAME: Rob Hardin
VIN# Last 8: J4703133
Site #" (You may not know this at the time you respond. No worry I will take care of this)
Arrival Date: 09/11/2019
Cell Number: 6159731661
Item #1: Mirror on front (Hitch Mirror) needs to be replaced turning black
Item #2: Crown Molding Trim needs to be replaced
Tow Vehicle: 2016 GMC DenaliHD 3500 DRW, CC, LB, Trailer Saver TS3 Air Ride Hitch
5th Wheel: 2018 Montana 3921FB (Legacy), MORryde Independent Suspension, Kodiak Disc Brakes, MORryde Rubber Pin Box, 17.5 Wheels with Goodyear G114 Tires
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Old 07-25-2019, 03:18 PM   #4
Montana Master
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NAME: Tom Windman
VIN# Last 8: D4730815
Site #" Unknown
Arrival Date: Sept. 11
Cell Number: 480-381-8230
Item #1: The brace under the penninssula counter in kitchen keeps coming off.

Item #2: I just need the paint number and/or place to purchase fender paint.

Tom and Gail
2013 Mountaineer 362
2012 Silverado 2500
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Join Date: Jan 2018
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Send a message via AIM to Cagle Send a message via MSN to Cagle Send a message via Yahoo to Cagle
Name: Mike Cagle
Vin #J4702330
Site: Unknown
Arrival Date: Sept 11
Cell # 317-847-8857
Item #1: One of the power reclining chairs no longer works.
Item #2: The lower cover of the rear a/c unit is badly warped
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Old 07-25-2019, 03:55 PM   #6
RK & Jen
New Member
Join Date: Apr 2018
Location: Shiloh
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M.O.C. #21545
NAME: Ron Smith
VIN# Last 8: J4704033
Site #" (?)
Arrival Date: 10 Sep 18
Cell Number: 618-530-7229
Item #1: Sliding closet door in bedroom sticks in the bottom track. Adjust door.
Item #2: Connect living room and outside TV to over the air antenna. When dealer replaced the TV antenna only the bedroom TV was connected.
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Montana Fan
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Henry Savage
VIN #G4702744
Arrival: Sept 9th
Cell #2535487078
Item #1 2016 IN-Command Version Bluetooth SYNC unreliable-Stranding us for hours. Needs updated version with hardwire to controller.
Item #2 Cable has interference to TV. Have to use direct cable connect to TV
Henry & Lita (our Sheltie Scotty)
2016 Montana 3820FK Legacy with Disc Brakes
2015 Chevy Silverado
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Old 07-25-2019, 04:25 PM   #8
Montana Master
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Steve Bischoff
Arrive 9/4
Cell# 419-438-6097
Item#1 Black tank valve will not close all the way.
Item#2 Pump for on-board water system does not build pressure.
Steve & Sharon...Northwest Ohio

2009 10th Anniversary 3400RL, LED bulbs throughout unit, Level up, X-Factor, Wet bolts, Goodyear G614 tires.
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Ray and Pat Gries
2010 3400RL
Vin 4YDF34025A4701599
Cell: 231-510-6434
Arrive on 9/10/19
Motor on rear jacks seized. Unable to crank down since pins were broken on other side. I removed motor to get jacks up.
Hot Water tank switch will not turn off on tank.
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M.O.C. #22102
Larry Fischer
VIN # F4702088
Arrival Date. September 9th
Cell# 325-642-6853
Item 1 black tank cable is getting real hard to open and close
Item 2 slide rubber whippers are splitting
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Old 07-25-2019, 04:49 PM   #11
Jay Bird
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M.O.C. #6831
Robert Hill.

PM not received. Please resend.

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Old 07-25-2019, 04:56 PM   #12
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M.O.C. #10457
NAME: Garry Bryant
VIN# Last 8: D4701531
Site #" (not yet assigned)
Arrival Date: 09/11/2019
Cell Number:931-808-0911
Item #1: Buff kitchen counter tops
Item #2: Tighten face boards on kitchen slide
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Old 07-25-2019, 06:05 PM   #13
Montana Master
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M.O.C. #19514
NAME: Robin & Astrid Bierworth
VIN# Last 8: HA741469
Site # not yet assigned
Arrival Date: Monday, Sept. 9
Cell: (613) 774-2119

This is our second time attending the rally. We very much appreciate having 2 items looked at by Keystone staff.

Item #1: Antenna Does not turn. Turns inside rv but nothing happening on roof. I believe it has been this way since new but I only discovered this problem recently.

Item #2: Door Struts. The basement storage door is warping. It has magnets to hold door open. I have been told that the weight of the door caused this problem. I paid to have door repaired and it lasted for a while but now the problem is starting again. Another Montana owner with the identical model and year does not have this problem and his unit came with door struts. If possible, I would like door struts installed. My door on the opposite side does have struts and there has been no problem.

2017 High Country 305RL
2015 Ford F-250 Super Duty
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Paul Russo
Site # unknown
Arrive Sept. 9
Cell# 7085770099
Item# 1 opposing slides unlevel when out kitchen slide w/res fridge rubs floor on ref end.
Item # 2 awning rolls up crooked arms don't close over channel
Thank you!
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Old 07-25-2019, 07:25 PM   #15
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M.O.C. #18133
Mike Freitas
Vin # F4701385
Site #
Sep 10 arrival
Cell 925-765-8040
3 fogged dual pane windows
Bedroom slide has rolled up the carpet
Mike and Karol
2015 Montana 3610
2014 Chevy 3500 dually
Full time since 2015
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Old 07-25-2019, 07:46 PM   #16
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M.O.C. #22381
Richard Dube
Vin, H4703272
Arrival, 9/4
Cell # 603-494-9309
Item 1, one of the stove burners takes 2 minutes to stay lit (thermal coupler?).
Item 2, living area thermostat locks up, we must turn it off and than back on for the A/C to function.

We really appreciate the Montana techs for all they do!!!!
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Five O'clock Somewhere
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M.O.C. #20168
Service Tech - Ralley

NAME: William Brewer
VIN# Last 8: J4700251
Site #" Pending
Arrival Date: Sept 9th
Cell Number: (706)215-1846
Item #1: Gas function on hot water heater has never worked.
Item #2: Charging station in kitchen does not work.
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M.O.C. #17641
Larry and Cheryl Zill
Last eight of VIN: F4702090
Arrival date: Sept 10
Phone number: 231-920-4688
Item #1 Entry door hinges moving and causing the door to rub on the latch
Item#2. Grey tank valve not holding water properly
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Old 07-25-2019, 08:56 PM   #19
Jay Bird
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M.O.C. #6831
The next list update will be Monday 29 Jul. We will be attending our Family Reunion this weekend. Keep posting. Have a great weekend.
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M.O.C. #23240
NAME: Brad Denny
VIN# K4700187
Site# Unknown
Arrival Date: 9 September
Cell Number: 3146304789
Item #1: black tank handle extremely hard to open and rusted
Item #2: solid surface counter top has finish flaws
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