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We just had to trade our 2017 F350 short box for a F350 dulely because the short box didn’t have the capacity to safely tow our 3511RL....I miss the sb ease of getting into tight places. The longer the wheelbase the smoother the ride. There’s pluses and minuses for each.
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Had a LB/CC and went to a SB/CC with a Pullrite.......love my SB.
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Decision depends on what is most important to you. If your truck is primarily a TV and not used as a daily driver, a long bed makes for better towing, will not need a slider hitch, typically carries more fuel and is more stable. As a daily driver the short bed is easier to park and get in your garage. I have a short bed which works for me with it used as a TV about 5% of the time.
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I have a Ram 3500 crew cab 4X4 with a short bed. It doubles as my daily driver when we are not on the road. I do have a B&W slider OEM hitch which I really like except for its weight. Other than the weight, it is easy to put in and take out when we decide to head out on an adventure. If I only used the truck for towing and never wanted to park it somewhere other than my own driveway, I would consider a dually. Stability pulling a large 5er can be appealing. Also, long beds obviously don't need the slider hitch.
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We traded in our 3/4 ton short bed for a 1 ton dually long bed. I have towed and worked out of both. It is as they say a personal choice but for me it is hands down the long bed and for towing the dually. I had a couple incidents with the short bed that put a dent in either side of the cab and one that cost me a new rear window. No such problems with the long bed and there is room in front of the hitch for my future welder/generator as well. Parking? I deal with it. When you get right down too it there isn't that much difference parking a short bed over a long bed. The dually fenders do make it a little tougher though but I wouldn't even think of going srw with a 42' camper!
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Our friends have 2500 RAM long bed 2016, I have a RAM 2500 short bed 2017. Other than towing his 5er, he chooses not to use his due to turning radius. I've not needed to use my slider yet but did, just to try it out. We each have Auto Air level and continuously tow in the lowered position to be more level.
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No short beds here ether. And i can get my ram crew long box drw in the parking structures in Naples Florida. and that city is built on the smart car statue. Just have to learn to drive it and park it.
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I've had both and even though a long bed can be a hassle on city streets & parking, it's far better than a short bed.
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I bought a 2001 Ford F250 RWD long bed with the V-10 used 1n 2007. The truck had 12,000 mi on it. The previous owner also had a 30ft 5th wheel so he bought with the idea of ONLY using it to pull an RV. A 4/30 rear end and heavy duty suspension was added. It has an 'EXtra cab with the old suicide door set-up. Captains seats in the front and a 60/40 rear seat that folds up. He already had it set up to pull. I've added a Banks Power system and Mag Teck rear end cover to reduce rear end heat when pulling. I also added an auxiliary gas tank with a transfer pump so I'm carrying 80 gal. of gas. So far the it runs like a champ (63,000 mi) and has no problem pulling my new 'rig'
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Originally Posted by Wheelhouse View Post
Excellent responses and I thank you for your inputs. I like most have always had the long bed with a crew cab. The extra length allows me to put my security blanket on (Husky tool box, lol) to carry what I do not want in the truck or 5'er.
Being in construction for 35 years, those little jobs for plywood, sheet rock and lumber do not seem to end, lol.
Thank you again, I am looking at the 2017 Ram 3500 6.7 diesel crew cab Lariet Longhorn, long bed.
Everyone have fun be careful of the other drivers.
Happy trails all.
Hey... That's the exact truck I got! It pulls my trailer awesome. But for some unknown reason when it doesn't have a trailer behind it, and I hit 74-76 mph, I get this strange shimmy from the rear (it's solid in the front with nothing at the steering wheel). The dealer says it's the aftermarket wheels and tires and refuses to believe otherwise. Discount Tire has done that special balancing job where they match up the "out of roundness" in each wheel and tire individually. They even put different wheels and tires on it and the shimmy didn't go away at the same speed range. It's my first ever long bed truck so I don't really know what to think.

Anyway, that's the one thing "con" I would say about my truck. But there are probably 100's of "pros" I could mention about the truck. Like I said, this is my first long bed and it has made me wonder why I hadn't gotten a long bed all those other times. Other than this is the first truck I have purchased to pull a 5th wheel trailer. And I knew before I purchased the truck that I was going to install a 91 gal. fuel tank / tool box in the bed of the truck, and there was no way to do that in a short bed. And I also did not want to be forced to get a sliding 5th wheel.

It didn't take me long to get used to parking the long bed, and I bet it won't take you long to get used to it either. I'm sure you will be much better off, much safer going down the road and much happier if you get the long bed. Good luck with what ever you decide.

Oh yeah... This is also the first auto tranny in a truck I have had. And this truck came with like 423s or something like that; can't really remember. But in any case I knew that wasn't going to cut it for my taste pulling a 40' RV. So before I took delivery (I ordered my truck custom from dealer) I had the dealer change the gears to 373s. The other major thing I ordered on my truck from the get-go was dual alternators which gives me 440 amps. Anyway, with the 373s my truck snatches my trailer up steep grades like it ain't got nothing behind it; I love it...
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