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DebNJim B
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On my 3731FL the heat pump is in the B/R and the thermostat is dedicated to that unit. There is also a furnace duct to that room but it is the farthest from the furnace so sometimes we use the h/p also. We like it cooler in the b/r anyway so I set that thermostat lower than the l/r and so it seldom runs unless it's quite chilly. I have not noticed any issues when the outside temp is below 40.
Jim B
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The so called heat pump in my MH is nothing more than a electric heat strip not a heat pump. The heat pumps in the newer campers are real heat pumps just like in most warmer climate homes. They are just not as efficient. I have been one in my sun room that will still heat down to zero out temperature. I’m sure it isn’t very efficient at zero and I don’t wont to find out.
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Just thinking out loud but as the unit reverses the Freon to go into heat pump mode i would think that the condenser would eventually ice up and the it should go into defrost mode. While in defrost the unit would not make heat until condenser is clear of ice and air can pass thru. Does this make any sense?
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Originally Posted by Cook-Den View Post
Just thinking out loud but as the unit reverses the Freon to go into heat pump mode i would think that the condenser would eventually ice up and the it should go into defrost mode. While in defrost the unit would not make heat until condenser is clear of ice and air can pass thru. Does this make any sense?
Not certain if that makes sense or not. When the HP starts heat is nearly immediate. Not enough time for the process described IMO.
John & Patty
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Furnace Issue

Originally Posted by Tow Infinity View Post
Hi Jeremy,
Thanks for posting this question. Did you get any answers? I'm having a similar problem. My furnace fans kicks on and it sounds like it fires up for several seconds and then stops. It seems as if the furnace isn't getting enough propane. Let me know if you learned anything.
Thanks again,
Probably not a propane issue but is probably the electrode. I had the same problem and replaced it and that solved the issue. Only a $15 part. But, before buying another one, go make sure that the mounting screw is tight. It only has a single lead to it and relies on a good ground.
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I have two other suspicions that might be worth investigating. When your AC unit operates as a heat pump, it is still an AC with a compressor but is moving heat from outside to inside. If the unit is humming but not operating, maybe there is not enough electrical voltage for the compressor. This can harm your AC compressor and cause permanent damage, but you say the unit sometimes still operates normally.
2nd idea: My Montana has a Dometic thermostat with 2 zones: zone 1 has the propane furnace and the living room AC unit, and zone 2 has a bedroom AC unit. Operating the AC on zone 1 seems simple as long as I stick to heat mode for times when I want the furnace and cool mode for when I want the AC. But the auto mode gives strange results with the AC and furnace both operating at alternate times. For example, the furnace keeps us warm at night. While cooking breakfast, the AC might kick on. Open the door to go outside, the furnace runs. The sun comes out and the AC runs. The sun goes behind a cloud, the furnace kicks on. And so on. Because of this I only operate the thermostat on the heat or cool modes, and never the auto mode. Are your AC/heat pump and furnace all on one thermostat and zone? Maybe your issues are really due to a complicated or an inadequate thermostat. How does it work to have the thermostat call for heat and have 2 heating units (HP and furnace) available to respond?
John & Janet from Connecticut
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Regarding voltage, I have an EMS and am on 50 amp service. I've checked this during the phases where I've had an issue and there was no issue with the current.

Regarding thermostat zoning, my primary thermostat is in the living room. Zone one controls the primary AC, Fan, Furnace and Heat Pump. Zone 2 is my 3rd AC (installed in the kitchen where the MaxxFan originally was.) This only controls the AC and fan of that unit.

Our bedroom (front bedroom) has a separate thermostat for the 2nd factory installed AC. This only controls AC and fan for that unit. It has a 'heat' option, but it's not hooked up to anything. (This seems to be true for many front bedroom owners.)

I've taken to using the heat pump during the day and switching it to furnace before we go to bed. I'd like to use the pump at night while the weather is still warmish, but after we woke up to a 55 degree unit, I changed that plan.
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